2012 — UFO Air Force Sri Lanka put on high alert

It is reported that Sri Lankan Air Force claims that the combat troops are on alert twenty four hours a knock due to unknown lights that were observed in several areas of the state.

Press Secretary of the Air Force of Sri Lanka, the squadron commander sirasa Zhalaldin (Shiras Jalaldeen) said that so far no unidentified aircraft was fixed radars.

Meanwhile, unidentified lights were observed in the sky over several parts of the country earlier this week.

The phenomenon observed in Hambegamuva (Hambegamuwa) in Tanamalvila (Thanamalwila).
Recording on a mobile phone camera were also made in the skies over Ambalanthota (Ambalanthota) and in other regions.

Also appealed to the public ministry of health. It called on citizens to inform the Medical Research Institute, if any unidentified object will be seen in the sky.

The Ministry said that the land under the place where the object landed, should be carefully considered.

The ministry said that if an unknown metal or debris on the ground, they can not be touched, and the Institute for Medical Research is to be informed immediately.

Meanwhile, the Medical Research Institute has taken steps to collect all the information about the observations of unknown lights in the sky all over the country and transfer the data to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of Buckingham astro-biology center in the United Kingdom, which is currently in Sri Lanka.

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