8 unexplained phenomena, such as inexplicable as the incident near Roswell

Consider the material of the existence of the eight events, which are also very well known. The very fact of their existence is not less amazing UFO crash that hijacked four alien in New Mexico, and that certainly collapsed due to a failure in the control system.

Chinese genius documented fact of the appearance of the largest, ever seen, the light spot.

Shen Ko was a respected man, surrounded by scientists. He was engaged in the construction of theories about the location of the north and achieved success. They studied the history of the tornado and everything connected with it. All his life he shone his research in the journal Nature, which he led, often appearing notes about unusual phenomena he observed personally.

One of his records was devoted to a bright object, flew several times in the night sky of Yangzhou. There were witnesses to this event, who shared what they saw. According to them, the object opened the door and picked up the top of your machine, which was the size of the bed, inside the object is illuminated by the small size silver ball. The light was so dazzling that it was hard to look at him. All the trees in the territory of ten miles from the scene, were illuminated by the light. Those who saw what was happening, said that there was a sense that we are witnessing the rising of the sun, so the lighting was spectacular crimson light of all the surrounding nature. The object is then rushed to the height and disappeared, landing on the lake.

This can be compared with the sunset. Much of eyewitness incident go beyond redistribution fantasies, such can not be represented in real life. But unusual blinding glow coming from the object, scientists explained how that is simply ethereal flash camera, the aliens forget to switch off when came down to earth to make a few images of interest areas.

Researcher hermit was seen an unusual object in the form of eggs overthrows

Painting, brilliant talented Russian artist Nicholas Roerich were world famous. He and his band often a journey through the mountains of Tibet. In one of these journeys of the band was seen strange flying object oval. According to the artist, the object crossed the territory of the camp, but suddenly changed the direction of flight and went to the south-west. All participants saw when the object disappeared in the sky. Roerich said they were able to make two points and consider the oval object with its luminous surface, one side of which reflects the sun's rays.

Suspected causes the disappearance of Nicholas Roerich, which occurred in 1947, it's just suspicious that Roerich disappeared from the face of the earth in 1947. On this point, there are two opinions. Some say that the artist was taken back to his home planet. For others, he just died, and there is nothing strange.

Kenneth Arnold spoke about what he saw UFO

In 1947, there was a plane crash, owned Marines near the volcano Mount Rainier National Park, located in Washington, DC. In search of the accident were sent all the military forces of the United States, but it has not been found. Therefore, the authorities announced that the person who found the remains of the aircraft, will be richly rewarded for it. Among the total number of volunteers to search for the plane was and Kenneth Arnold. It accidentally flew over the spot where the plane crashed roughly and decided to look for its fragments.

Any debris from the plane they have not been found, but he was lucky to see a few bright flashes in the mountains.

These points are moved with astonishing speed and flew right in front of themselves Arnold. Man tried to convince myself that this is a mirage, and this should not bring value. Circled a few seconds, they were out of sight. Arnold's story was so believable, which caused a storm of emotion from the press. Ten days after the incident, the other "United Airlines" was informed of the fact of observations of the same object, but already over Idaho. Then, photos were taken of these points in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Given the description of which was given this unusual objects, including journalists, they were called flying saucers. And it just all started. Every now and then there was an information that the observation of plates in one place or the other. Until the end of the year, police took the information from ordinary citizens, who witnessed the appearance of flying saucers in large numbers. No one can guarantee the authenticity of these messages, you may, it is only because of false evidence all the hoopla surrounding the unidentified objects.

Case in Maracaibo

With the release of the next issue of the magazine Scientific American in 1886, a letter was published interesting content. Then its main magazine finds its audience of teenagers, hippies and all of the performances were intended to protect the new understanding of the "science" and "America." Has revealed a letter to readers on an unusual storm in Maracaibo, associated with the appearance of a bright UFO over one of the village huts. As discussed later witnesses the incident, object very strongly buzzed. People who are at the time of the appearance of the plates were inside the hut, got radiation exposure, and those plants that have come to the glow object withered on the vine.

After telling about the event, log wanted to show all sides of this unseen world. It is known that in the hut were nine people who suddenly became ill after the incident. Explanation of what happened, which described the magazine has not been given.

Fletvudsky monster

In 1952, three boys saw a bright light in the sky, which had a vague form. Children told their parents about what they saw, and they went to the place, the kids. According to the parents of boys in front of them was a huge object as a ball of light, and beside him was a monster, the growth of not less than three meters. From what he saw, they were shocked and ran away.

Keksburgsky incident

In the Midwest of the United States in 1965 in the sky flashed object as a ball of fire, which then fell into one of the forests of Pennsylvania. According to one of the witnesses, the object was the size of a car, whose body was adorned with images of the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Another says that arrived at the military too quickly took all parts of the object, and nothing could be examined. But the military for their part deny everything.

Kidnapping in Pascagoula

Events in 1973 that occurred with two colleagues, to fish in the Mississippi River, were so. From the words of men, not so far away from their location in the sky stopped object similar in appearance to the plane to the shape of the cylinder. He began to go out of three unknown creatures and headed towards the tourists and took them to the ship. With his claws, they scanned each of the men and returned to the place. Men had no choice on how to report the incident to the police, where they were thoroughly questioned on the circumstances of the case. But even after that, there are still many uncertainties, explained that the police could not. But the victims stood firm and insisted that they encountered being none other than the aliens from another world.

UFO Kolarise

In 1977, the Brazilian island Kolaris hit a lot of posts about the facts of the UFO. People make the claim that those rays that emanate from the objects left wounds on the bodies of those present witnesses. It was also reported on the fact of death of two residents of the radiation, which comes from the sky. First, the Brazilian authorities had launched a campaign to clarify the details of what happened, but then it was closed and secret. In 2004 there was a meeting of senior officials from the Brazilian Air Force personnel science that studies the nature of UFOs. During the meeting, the scientists were given information on previous studies. Version of events is that extraterrestrial aliens mistook a fishing village with a large center of business activity, thus having filled its mission.

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