A gem in the sky

Nobody except ufologists, especially on that does not think, but the fact is that most people believe the UFO phenomenon of the new and "plates" visit Earth airspace century (on the strength of two). Written records indicate otherwise.

For example, in ancient Sanskrit manuscripts India "Samanrangara Sutradhara" describes very similar to modern metal aircraft and airfield equipment. But this is not enough — it contains not yet fully understood by modern scientists instructions for creating a "Vima". Etymologically, the word, but most of all, it means some unknown aircraft.

Judge for yourself. Here is an excerpt from "Samanrangry Sutradahry":

"Strong and others should be his body made of light material, like a great flying bird. Should be placed inside the device with mercury and iron heating device underneath. Through the power that lies in the mercury, and set in motion, carrying a whirlwind, a person who is inside the chariot, can fly long distances across the sky the most amazing way.

Four strong vessel for mercury should be placed inside. When they are out of control fire-heated iron fixtures, the chariot will develop strength of thunder, because of mercury.

And she immediately turns into "a pearl in the sky."

It is a pity that the description of a flying machine so briefly, because usually literary monuments of the ancient Indians just different set of details that are missing.

But until something dug aircraft designers Adolf Hitler …

He was in the early 30s in India and visited the part where the ancient myths are located in a country which became Shambhala. There he met with the magicians, has an amazing knowledge.

By the way, there he invited the people to his bodyguard. They were tall athletes were considered messengers of Shambhala.

But the main thing — the Nazi Fuhrer got there amazing information scientific and technical nature, which is even faster than modern human thought. This, in particular, and information on the design diskoleta. And even in the Third Reich began construction of the aircraft without the traditional ways of getting the lift. Information on this in the not yet fully explored, history of Nazi Germany. There it is about creating a leaf-like device.

The documents said that the German engineers were able to create at the "Cesky Morava", "rocket" disk-like shape in the 42 meters. Around the domed cockpit revolved huge flat ring, driven by controlled nozzles. This "plate" even fly. According to the same data, in February 1945, she flew over the ground, gaining altitude 12,400 feet, and the horizontal velocity of its flight was 200 km / h. And just a year ago this machine was tested near the island of Spitsbergen, where it was built.

Ending the war interrupted the development of a unique project, a model car was destroyed, and its designer Mila, who worked at the factory in Breslau (now the Polish city of Wroclaw), disappeared.

Over the years, scientists have attempted to explore this design. And they came to the conclusion that it was used by some unknown power. But what — and not learned. However, it was known that Nazi Germany was the most secretive group of scientists engaged in "energy fields" (as it is assumed that energy and used in the construction of the earth "plates"). Scientists who were part of it, studied such phenomena as levigatsiya, antigravity, etc.

It turns out that UFOs are not necessarily alien aircraft from outer space. And, who knows, perhaps, scientists from the German secret group after the war hiding somewhere (in South America, for example), and continued their work. Then transfer the experience to students who have to move this thing on?

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