A prisoner with HIV: We have not heard anything about the UN program

According to official data, in Belarusian prisons at the end of 2010, there were 1,098 HIV-infected inmates. This is 15% of all HIV carriers registered in the country. Every year in prison in Belarus fall about 100 HIV-infected, most of them drug addicts. "Despite the threat of the spread of the disease itself in prison, recently there was not found a single case of AIDS," — said at a press conference, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Corrections (IND), Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Vasily Zawadzki.

How are the conditions of captivity in these patients?

"HIV-positive prisoners were in solitary confinement for refusing to peel potatoes"

The reason for choosing today's topic was a letter to the "freedom" of the mother of one of Belarusian prisoners.

My son said that three of his friends from the squad with HIV, forced to work in the kitchen peeling potatoes

"My son said that three of his friends from the squad with HIV, forced to work in the kitchen, peeling potatoes, mother of the prisoner writes Nicholas. This has never happened before. Guys refused on the grounds that gave a subscription of nezarazhenni others. During this rezhymnik began to insult them, and then threw in a punishment cell where damp, cold and all the conditions for disease development. then one of the boys was taken to the prison hospital on Calvary, that happens only in the most exceptional cases. Just like on bolnichki not transported. Here so with the financial support of the UN, the Global Fund to have "support" of prisoners with AIDS. "

According to the teachings of the World Health Organization (WHO), the dissemination of information about what a person is sick with HIV-AIDS — is medical negligence. On the other hand, according to the laws of their subculture of people with HIV should inform themselves about their status and also be responsible for nezarazhenne the illness of others.

"Catch HIV in prison, and there die of AIDS is quite real"

30-year-old HIV-infected Fame, which is contained in one of the colonies in the south of Belarus, its status as no one is hiding. In his division are the same as he, HIV-positive people are living around people who do not have the disease. The total period of Slavin's sentence — 3 years. Sitting second he got infected about five years ago through the needle.

Glory believes that area, and especially in the detention center, where a person is not convicted, has all the conditions to catch HIV, and then wait for a slow and painful death from AIDS "

First, it is possible with personal hygiene. Many people do not allow you to have the camera own razor or nail accessories. That is why we have to use common.

Second, HIV can be picked up and through the needle. In a corrupt prison system purchase dose in the zone is possible.

Thank heard anything about whether the UNDP project "Prevention and Treatment of HIV / AIDS in the Republic of Belarus"? In recent years, for these purposes were spent 470,000 dollars. Most of the funds went to the antiretroviral drugs are expensive, even for the people at large, as the creation of medical laboratories, purchase of 350,000 condoms to the training of doctors and prison hospitals, prison staff, how to organize the work of such prisoners as Fame, and help them to live with their illness in captivity.

"We jailers and prisoners different attitude to the sick"

Fame: "Nothing about these drugs, we do not know, like about this program. Secondly, we are trying to push something away from it that we did not know. At best, given the usual vitamins. When the temperature rises, and we are to this is more likely, get medication in case it over 40 degrees. And that is not because we have AIDS, but because it is a common approach to all who have such a high temperature. "

36-year-old Andrew is sitting in the other colonies. He does not have HIV, but keep it with the guys who have the same problem as that of Fame. According to Andrew, in their area of approximately 200 people with HIV.

"When I am familiar with the convicts died of HIV, but not in kalenii.Kali see that person really bad, then he was being taken to the national hospital in Minsk. And then we learn that he was dead."

Andrew: "But yesterday I was talking with a man. Its just from Minsk from the state hospital was brought in, it is the number of CD4 + cells, which in any case require therapy. However, during the five months he still could not get any drugs, no treatment. When I am familiar with convicts with HIV died. But not in a colony here trying not to spoil the statistics. When they see that the person is bad, that he was being taken to the national hospital in Minsk. And then we learn that he was dead. "

As for the attitude of the people from the squad to HIV-infected, then, Andrew, it is perfectly normal. All eat at the same table, washed in a bath. Another thing — the ratio of jailers. Earlier men with hepatitis and HIV has never attracted to the work in the kitchen (on the loose at all in the kitchen can work only people with the health books), and now this happens. Guys, if they refuse to avoid infecting others, can really punish a punishment cell.

Andrew: "Hey, these guys — very responsible people. And never allow to infect others. And trust them used to it. Even if the tattoo is made, the individual has a typewriter."

Doctor: "To catch possible due to lack of sterility"

Commenting on the situation, about which he writes in the "Freedom," the mother of one of the prisoners — when an HIV-infected refused to work in the kitchen, and they were punished with solitary confinement for it, a former political prisoner and human rights activist Timothy Dranchuk notes:

Dranchuk: "I think the problem may be that in some legislative acts of the moment is not bargained for. However, the actions these people, on concepts not only criminals, but also human right. These people not only can but must give up. "

What threats can fraught work on HIV-infected prison kitchen if they can infect anyone, choosing a potato? — I asked the physician in infectious Minsk Alexander.

Alexander: "In a potato, in the sense that it selects and suddenly cut yourself, then you do not infect anyone, not infected. But the chance of infection is through the knife. Nesterylizavanym When your knife cut myself someone else. Here some little wash pratsirannya his knife and alcohol. For example, a variety of known HIV cases in the resorts of the former Soviet South — in the Caucasus, the Crimea, in other southern regions of Russia and Ukraine. There are areas where the infection is not less than that of South Africa. And These drug addicts, they inject themselves, and then throw away the needle specifically to the beach. A man walks barefoot on the beach, comes on the needle, and all.

If the potatoes cut himself with a knife from the HIV-infected, that this infection does not spread further, you need to thoroughly prasterylizavats knife, an appropriate method of sterilization. And this is unlikely to exist in those institutions. "

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