A significant part of Vladivostok remained without water due energoavarii

A significant part of Vladivostok remained without water due energoavariiA significant part of Vladivostok remained in the environment without cold water from energoavarii caused by the cyclone had come in Primorye, told RIA Novosti spokesman Enterprise "Primorsky Vodokanal" Julia Ignatenko.
Interlocutor difficult to answer how many consumers were left without water, according to rough estimates, tens of thousands of them.
Forecasters on Tuesday issued a storm warning for the passage to the edge of an active cyclone, which on Wednesday brought heavy snow to the region and the gale which impulses of up to 25 meters per second. Vladivostok city administration recommended that the heads of enterprises of all forms of ownership to reduce the working day.
"Because of the accident on the networks was de-energized pumping station" weasel. "As a result, almost all Pervorechenskij and part of the Leninsky district were without cold water," — said the agency interlocutor.
She said the accident involved the elimination of energy. Water supply will be restored after the return to the station electricity.
According to RIA Novosti duty unified control of Vladivostok, energy continues to eliminate the accident at the substation "Golubinka", which left a number of streets without light Leninsky district.
"Also, due to accidents caused by strong gusts of wind, there is no light on a part of the Cape Churkin on the First District. Working professionals," — said the source.

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