About 12 thousand cars took to the snow removal in Moscow

About 12 thousand cars utilities involved in cleaning snowfall in Moscow, since snow fell about three inches of snow, according to RIA Novosti press-secretary of the complex housing and capital improvement Igor Pergamenshchikov.

"Snow cyclone came to Moscow from the west and southwest. Snow began to fall at about three in the morning. According to our estimates, the snow will continue this afternoon. Meteorologists also estimated fell about three inches of snow, and the day is forecast to fall 2 — 4 centimeters, "- he said.

According to him, four in the morning utility machinery left on continuous prometanie city roads to the roads anti-icing agents.

"In the morning, we plan to repeat the output equipment. Now cleared the approaches to the metro, public transport, pedestrian zones. Involved more than 12 thousand municipal equipment for snow removal. Including about three thousand trucks" — added Pergamenshchikov.

According to him, the next night precipitation will continue, and the temperature was minus 10.8 degrees. Wednesday afternoon the temperature was minus 6.8 degrees.

"I would appeal to motorists that they would abide by the rules of traffic, not to slow dramatically speeding" — said Pergamenshchikov.

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