About 20% of people increased sensitivity to radiation

Exposure can cause metabolic disorders, leukemia and malignant tumors, infertility, cataracts, radiation burns …

Children's exposure is much more dangerous than adults — effects of irradiation strongly affect the dividing cells.

In the tissues of the human body natural radiation sources are potassium? 40 and rubidium? 87, so that any person slightly radioactive.

Radioactivity men women because potassium is concentrated in muscle tissue.

Radon concentration in the upper floors lower than the first, since radon is 7.5 times heavier than air. Regular ventilation can reduce the radon concentration in a few times.

9 mSv (0.09 rem) per year — a dose considered safe.
At the 26th place on the scale of the danger of human exposure to radiation is. The first two places are heavy metals and chemical toxicants.

Base dose of radiation a person receives in modern buildings, as in the building materials containing radon — a source of natural radioactivity.

Radioisotope examination of the thyroid gland at the time a person becomes a source of radiation. However, drugs that are used for this survey, quickly lose their activity due to decay.

10 Sv — lethal to humans.

5 times higher than at sea level, there is a natural background radiation in some highland areas. Although the absorbed dose of radiation there is 1000 times greater than the average over the surface of the Earth, the population in these areas is not sick and does not die often.

At 78? 000 children of those Japanese who survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not stated any increase in the incidence of genetic diseases.

Smokers get the additional radiation dose compared to non-smokers, because cigarettes contain the radioactive isotope polonium? 210.

About 20% of people have an increased sensitivity to radiation, the same — low.

8.12 mR / h — the typical background radiation in the streets of Moscow, in the room —
15-20 mR / h.

Alcohol, adopted shortly before irradiation, to some extent, is able to reduce its effects. However, its protective effect inferior to modern anti-radiation drugs.

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