Accomplished laying of the Mistral for Russia

The laying of the first "Mistral" to Russia

At the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire in France took the process of laying the foundation of the 2-type helicopter carriers "Mistral" intended Navy Russia. At the time of laying special helicopter was cut sheet metal. Specifically from it shipyard workers gather warship.
At the groundbreaking ceremony was attended by representatives of the Navy, Russian Embassy in Paris, and Ivan Goncharenko, deputy director of "Rosoboronexport".

Russian and French sides signed an agreement on the construction of 4 Mistral-class amphibious helicopter in June last year. Under the agreement, the first 2 helicopter launched on the French Saint-Nazaire. With all of this particular part of the work on the "Admiralty Shipyards" fulfill Russian spices. For two helicopter Our homeland will pay 1.2 billion euros.

According to the representative of the contractor DCNS Emmanuel Gaudet, a few weeks back our homeland listed all of the necessary funds, because company is ready to begin construction. Navy RF receive first ship Mistral-class in 2014.

The representative of the shipbuilding company Pierre Lergo explained that they would be working of the project details to the merits of the requirements by the Russian side. To perform that applets are mobilized all forces. According Lergo, similar order is the result of zeal Russia and France and to mutual cooperation in the industrial field.

A spokesman for DCNS Solen Dupuis explained that currently the company is working on projects that will prepare the helicopter deck under the Russian specification. Namely, it is intended to navigate the terrible climate criteria. Thus, a helipad will be equipped with systems to prevent icing. There will also be increased to a height of hangars to ship helicopters of perceived "Kamov" with a coaxial arrangement of the rotors. In addition, the adaptation will be electronic systems and networks.

During the 2-year Our homeland was in talks with France, the NATO, the purchase of amphibious ships. As the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, such a deal with Moscow says the "clear political choice" of Paris.

First "Mistral" will appear in the RF in 2014, the second ship — In 2015. Under the terms of the agreement, our homeland will receive from the French side of technology for the construction of surface ships, as well Senit-9, which is a combat information management system. Such a system is installed on the French amphibious ships. In the coming of these technologies will be used in the construction of the other 2 ships in Russian shipyards.
On landing ships series "Mistral" will be based Ka-52 "Alligator".

Displacement universal Mistral-class helicopter carrier is 20 one Thousand tons. Hull length can be up to two hundred 10 meters. Landing ship can develop your speed over 18 knots. Cruising range can reach up to 20 thousand miles, crew size is 100 troop transporter 70. Helicopter is able to take on board additional four 50 people and 70 pieces of equipment. Air Group, based on its board includes sixteen helicopters, with 6 of them are able to settle immediately on the flight deck.

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