Active protection «ARENA»

Active protection
Development of anti-tank weapons destruction of armored vehicles now reached the level where even tanks on strong armor protection affected; while relatively a cheap LAW. Potential of armor actually exhausted (if not go the path of increasing size and weight of the tank, which in almost all cases an unacceptable solution), and dynamic protection — close to peak capacity. The only method of lowering the probability of destruction of armored vehicles seen realization of the idea of ​​attacking the interception and elimination of ammunition still approaching the object of protection.
Currently, more perfect Russian KAZ is «Arena» development KBM in Kolomna (now — JSC «SPC» KBM «). This complex has come a long cycle of processing and testing. It is designed for use on tanks such as T-80, T-72 and T-90 infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 is the nicest and promising method to increment the security of modern facilities BTV from acts of antitank weapons. In addition, KAZ «Arena» perfectly meets the conditions of operation of ground armored vehicles. KAZ «Arena» is designed to protect tanks from anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) and hollow shells (COP), the complex consists of a radar station, calculator, remote control, 2-conversion units, junction box, cable set, installation of protective ammunition mines .

Features of the complex «Arena» of the following:
— target detection and tracking radar functional «instant» review of places around the protected sector;
— defeat the purposes of sighting by protective ammunition highly directional acts with very highest speed;
— automatic operation (after the complex crew receives no additional load, which allows him to absolutely concentrate on basic combat tasks);
— Weatherproof and complex vsesutochny, detect and engage targets in all implementation criteria armor piece, including the movement and turns tower;
— protection sector in azimuth is movable together with the tower, sufficient to protect the frontal and side projections of the armor piece and covers the likely range of course angles firing armor pieces when coming in depth defenses;
— small size of unsafe zones for accompanying infantry tank and no effect on the external equipment and the armor piece elements of the complex when the protective ammunition. Scary area of ​​the complex (20-30 m) is relatively small, when triggered protective shells does not appear side slaughter fragments has an external light alarm, warning Marines are behind the tank, the inclusion complex;
— the highest level of immunity and safety exception incorrect positives in combat use and operation;
— selection of slow-moving objects (birds, clods, etc etc), debris and explosions of shells, bullets and small-caliber shells, small targets that do not pose a particular danger to the tank, as the goals of receding from the object of protection (including their own shells) and flying past him . KAZ not respond to targets that are at a distance of 50 m from the tank;
— Suspension layout and modular implementation allow you to adapt to the complex actually even what type of tank or BMP.

Active protection
Ultimately, the combat effectiveness of the tank increases repeatedly. Moreover, the combination of active and dynamic protection is all-pervasive defense mechanism of the last generation, which complements and improves the armor protection. For target detection radar is functional «instant» review sites around the protected sector and the highest noise immunity. For sighting defeat the enemy rockets and grenades used a focused defensive ammunition act owning the highest speed and placed around the perimeter of the turret in special mines. Automatic control of the functioning of the complex is a computer, which also provides control over its parameters. After inclusion complex with remote control tank commander all subsequent operations are performed automatically. The radar provides search purposes, approaching the station tank then switches to full-automatic tracking, generating characteristics of target motion and passing them off to computing devices, which selects the number of protective ammunition and time of operation.

In the end, the beam forms a protective munition affecting parts destroys the target approaching the tank. From time to detect the target before its destruction — with less than 0.07. Through 0.2-0.4 s after activation complex is once again ready to kill another goal. Each protective ammunition shells own sector, while nearby munitions sector overlap, providing multiple targets intercept approaching 1st direction. Fundamental problem, which is able to successfully resolve the developers was to ensure the comparability of several electric tanks filled with «Arena» and acting in a single group. As a result, complex virtually no restrictions on the formation of units under the terms of the electric tanks comparability.

Application KAZ «Arena» is particularly excellent in the criteria of local conflicts, when the opposing side has only light antitank weapons. The proposed JSC «Spetsmash» layout active protection allows its use on all types of tanks and other armored vehicles. Despite the successful work to equip tanks and APCs KAZ «Arena», demands for its mass production did not receive any of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense, nor from foreign customers. Seasoned standards saved from cutting into the charge and submit to the MSC for use in the experiments. Declassified materials, and MSC was invited to continue to find customers abroad. 1st same information about the active protection became sensational. French and Germans paid a lot of money for the company hits of the complex, while at first they tried to unravel the «secret trick Illusion», later believed in the reality of what is happening, but no one gave funds. Fairness, we note that the development of active protection continued. As part of development work «Der Standard» and «Afghani» conducted designing new KAZ. At the same time, some zabugornye developers and manufacturers eyeing to KAZ «Arena».

Namely, the discussions about the likelihood of «Arena-E» («E» — the export version) on a new South Korean K2 tank «Black panther». But this prevented the assembly of the complex. The tank is required to arrange the dimensional microwave radar antenna, providing continuous review in the protection sector, also set the starting devices for shooting in the same submunitions this sector. With all this greatly increased the overall dimensions of the tank, there is a number of telltale signs of it, and the radar antenna was very vulnerable to shock and shrapnel fire light infantry weapons. In order to eliminate the above-mentioned shortcomings KAZ «Arena-E» was seriously modernized and rearranged. This was facilitated by the introduction of modern element base, a small and fast. T-80U, kitted complex of active protection T08-A5, automatically detect and engage with space and flying up in the tank is moving anti-tank grenades and missiles in all criteria for the introduction of combat at any time of year and day.

The exhibition «Engineering Technologies 2012» without any particular comments was presented a large-sized layout of the T-90S, which was clearly shown brand new build accommodation KAZ modernized the facility. Now instead of the 1st central antenna unit battery launchers protective ammunition used several separate radar antennas distributed over the outer surface of the armored vehicle, but as before providing an overview of almost radial sector. Launchers protective ammunition grouped into containers in several pieces and scattered around the perimeter of protection. This assembly parts KAZ retains all pre-existing abilities and properties of the complex, but with all this design for fixed dimensions of the tank, reduces the possibility of failure as the entire complex, and its individual parts, the saturated firing countering enemy. Promised to introduce a series of multiplicity in certain sectors, it became better its performance. Certainly, modernization KAZ «Arena-E» will enhance its attractiveness to potential customers, make its use more comfortable.

Technical properties KAZ «Arena»
Complex mode of operation — Automatic
Types of targeted goals — grenades and antitank guided missile system, including helicopter and attacking a tank on top of the lumen
Spectrum Target speed, m / s — 70-1200
Sector protect the tank:
— azimuth 135
— elevation of 20-5’do
Reaction time, s — 0.07
Number of safety ammunition units — 26
Radius unsafe zone for infantry support, m — 30
Power consumption, kW — Less than 1
Supply voltage, V — 27
Complex weight, kg — 1000-1300
Hardware volume, placed inside the tower, dm — 30

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