Adequacy in Belarusian

The events in Libya and the global reaction to them in many ways unprecedented. For the first time in the history of the UN Security Council supported the uprising against the dictator and authorized the use of force in relation to its global community.

The reaction of the Belarusian leadership to these events quite revealing — extremely cautious. For the style of Alexander Lukashenko is typical intermeddle in all international crises. And he always defended the dictators of the internal opposition and the West.

In 1999-2000, during the Kosovo crisis and the collapse of the Milosevic regime President of Belarus flew to Belgrade to support the Serbian leader, offered him political asylum, sending curses against the West, demanded that Russia use force to defend Yugoslavia.

In 2003, when the United States launched a military operation against Saddam Hussein, Lukashenko also rushed to his support, even though the UN Security Council resolution that condemned the behavior of the Iraqi dictator. And again offered Hussein political asylum in Belarus.

A year ago, was ousted Kyrgyz President Bakiyev. Lukashenka again defended him, called there the opposition gangsters approved fire on people who were protesting, Russia and the CSTO blamed for the fact that they did not support the Kyrgyz leader. And, in the end, gave Bakiyev political asylum in Belarus.

The current situation in Libya is developing along the same lines. The people spoke out against the "legitimate" government, using neinstytutsyynyya methods. In response to Muammar Gaddafi has used the army against the rebels. West sided with the opponents of the dictator.

The model is the same, but Lukashenko behaves differently. He is silent, does not rush to the defense of Gaddafi, will not offer him political asylum. By the beginning of the military operations of Western coalition forces Belarusian officials and state media said nothing at all about the conflict in Libya. What was the top news in the international media, the Belarusian TV channels have tried to ignore. What is the reason for this silence?

I think it worked instinct of self-preservation. Because the actions of Gaddafi crossed all norms and caused outrage in the world. The use of air power against its own people — too much even for this region. Condemned the Gaddafi addressed not only the West, but Russia and China (which is not opposed UN Security Council resolutions), League of Arab States. The UN Security Council requested the investigation into the crimes of Gaddafi International Criminal Court in The Hague. EU leaders have demanded that the Libyan leader relinquish power. Chairman of the European Union Mr. Van Rompuy explained the position of Europe is very accurate and easy: Gaddafi 'shot his own people. "

Let me remind you that recently Lukashenko said that if need be, do not hesitate to use the army against citizens who are protesting. And now it turns out that shoot their own people — is today an international crime under the authorization of the Security Council and the Hague Tribunal.

Events in Libya are destroying another element outlook Lukashenko, his picture of the world. In this picture dictators — the sovereign lords of their people in their countries are doing everything althought, and no they do not take orders. And all the long-standing policy of self-isolation of the official Minsk, the confrontation with international organizations (OSCE, UN, Council of Europe) — Lukashenko is the desire to get rid of any external control over their power.

Actions by the international community against Libya Belarusian leader perceived as stern warning.

Adequate assessment.

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