Again, get over the cap …

Again, get over the cap ...

Or leaped offense paratroopers and marines, or words to the effect that from that devaysa only the head is sweating, led to the fact that the Ministry of Defence decided to suddenly abandon berets for the military. By the way, the word suddenly entirely appropriate here, because in the ancient Russian tradition, everything that is connected with the army, as it were, for the ages. And look here: do not have time on May 9, we behold, as the main square of the country are marching military officials, mushrooms and a variety of hats in the form of multi-colored berets like the idea beretizatsii one and all decided to light reddish light. Valentin Yudashkin which was the founder of the Russian revolution in beretnoy parts, was accused by many high-ranking military that knows nothing about military life and that is in uniform. Well-known fashion designers have indicated that their tests he should be engaged on podie prestigious house, and army we far from fashion. Distance from the army fashion is really impressive. It is said that in some parts of the military in the winter can get a pea-jacket instead of a new overcoat, which led to the war even their fathers, and, maybe, and grandparents.

So what did not fit takes military bureaucrats and soldiers of a lower rank. Representatives of the Army told the newspaper that they are not liked the beret in the cap familiar. In most of the parts of the warm woolen berets come in the summer and they were ordinary hot. To berets kept on the head, they need to fix a special cord, which ties on the back of his head, and put on with 2 hands, pulling on his head. With the gun in his hand it is difficult to be recognized as the Marines. "Berets — Ponte paratroopers and marines. But even they stroll on combat missions in caps" — highlighted the commander of one of the elite Army brigades.

Marines also refuted the allegation of land colleagues that beret inconvenient. "If you wear it right, this is the best hat. It is simply placed under the shoulder strap if you want to come into the room. With such a cap not been done," — said the representative of the airborne troops. He said that every paratrooper painstakingly preparing its own beret: Pulls it to the bank fights off the edge of dumbbells, arches arc over the badge, wearing a beret — a special design, which is passed on from generation to generation and conventional infantry it does not recognize the move.

Although, knowing our generals, it must be said that it is unlikely they would have suspended the usual complaints fighter. Maybe it is something else. Then what's all the same?

It turned out that the special military units began to express dissatisfaction with the fact that all the polls in the army of the privilege to wear the device elite units. Navy servicemen, allegedly, said they did not want to endure such humiliation, seeing as fighter Corps of Engineers or a rocket scientist to take walks. Say, beret — A sacred thing for every Marine or Marines, because putting it on the head of another soldier kind of troops — a true sacrilege.

To be honest, and this position could hardly be referred to as a decent base in order to form introduced six months back so soon decided to change an old — more than usual. In this connection seems completely different reason restoration hats and caps. And the reason goes into the economic sphere, and not in the plane of the honor and advantages of certain officers and fighter.

There are people in our army, which for years establishing close cooperation with enterprises engaged in sewing uniforms. And all of a sudden here comes the highest order that supposedly form should be changed. A change form — this means to prevent the military trough of new faces in the person of the same sovereign Yudashkin. Such "tolerance" led to what had to be part of the funds allocated by the state, to convey the "other uncle." Because at first intrigued by a person under the pressure of the law could not rebuff innovations, and later, after a time, invented out how to clean the outside of the field of their own business. Immediately there were people who were suddenly interested in knowing fighter, "How's probably bad for you, son, this thick woolen take!" And the men answered that, they say, oh so sick of these damned berets. And later still, these same people have asked paratroopers and marines, "And you did not exasperated that some tylovikov will go to take?" And they answered in chorus: "Of course, takes!" That's the Macarena was formed protest Arms outlook about how bad these berets.

If berets are so bad, then why do these people do not immediately know the emperor gave Yudashkin that he had developed the device does not fit the Russian army? Why did not say outright veterans and current officers of the Navy, they will not put up with the fact that instead of caps someone will go to take, disgracing the honor and dignity of the military elite units? But still, for some reason, or silent, or marveled at the beauty of the new military uniforms. Just at that time, apparently, interested parties have wondered how to grab another piece of money for a scale, "dressing up" Russian troops. After all, could well be the case that part of the funds will come up on the Toren in the pockets of corrupt Dorozhen'ka "obespechentsev." But the funds were some unknown way. And when these people have found that the accounts of companies controlled by them were quick to empty, there already had to arrange all this performance with sweaty onion-domed fighter and dissatisfaction with the "blue berets".

Because we have not had time to consider our great army in all the beauty of the famous couturiers like toy soldiers again have to put on an old worn uniforms, the rejection of which bit was not deprive anyone a good feeder. And we all know perfectly well that the fight against corruption in our country though is leaps and bounds, but wanting to warm their hands and other places in the budget Millions is unbroken. Revision of military uniforms — a catchy example.

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