Agriculture: The locusts could destroy 1.5 million hectares of farmland

According, endangered locusts are 1.5 million hectares of farmland in Russia, said Tuesday in the press service of Ministry of Agriculture.

The press service also said that meadow moth can destroy 317 thousand hectares.

These data were obtained in a survey of 5.7 million hectares of farmland. And on 679 thousand hectares of locusts settling exceeds economic threshold. Processing carried out on an area 396 hectares.

According to the report, creating a situation was discussed in videoconferencing, which on Tuesday met Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik with representatives of agribusiness Daghestan, Volgograd and Samara regions.

Skrynnik emphasized that for the next year in the budgets of the regions, it is imperative to provide means to fight the locust pests. At present, the regional budget allocated for this purpose 12.4 million rubles, including in the Stavropol region — 5.35 million rubles, Dagestan — 4.04 million rubles, the Altai region — 3 million.

The Ministry of Agriculture approved the action plan to combat pests and locusts webworm in 2011 and carried out daily monitoring of the phytosanitary situation.

Also, sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan with a proposal for a joint action plan to combat the dangerous pests in adjacent territories, "Interfax".

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