Air Desert Eagle from Umarex

Air Desert Eagle from Umarex
Certainly, there is no more famous and want gun tradesman, if Desert Eagle. Through his constant appearance on television really unique automation system for short-guns, this gun is overgrown and more new legends, most of which, naturally, does not correspond to reality.

First is immediately say that this gun is not the most «powerful» of all varieties snub firearms. First, at least as part of the propellant gases it is spent on work automation, though their number is small, but also affects the speed of a bullet, which differs in the smallest side of the models with the same barrel length and other automation system. So we should not forget the fact that patrons with the highest kinetic energy of the bullets used in the weapons, ammunition is .50 AE, and now have long single-shot pistols under rifle cartridge mnogokaliberny .50 BMG, in other words the most «powerful» this gun is not a.

Yet, this does not mean that the gun is not entertaining. Of really fun moments in it that are true, is the work of automation, built under the scheme with removal of powder gases from the bore, as well as poly drill gun barrel, which to a large extent this element extends life tools, for easy cleaning and has so a host of other positive effects of implementation. You can not also be noted that the recoil when shooting the Desert Falcon is really very large, but it is softer than, say, a revolver with the same weight and length of the barrel or a gun with the other automation system. Yet, nasty feeling when shooting guaranteed.
Air Desert Eagle from Umarex
Describing combat standard, it should be noted that the instrument is very embarrassing as when wearing, and when shooting. Specifically for this reason it is not used in any army or the police, except in some cases for knocking the door locks, but for these purposes fit shotguns and much more based on the beliefs of safety and efficiency on the basis of belief. More or less justified the use of such a pistol is such exotic for our fellow citizens view hunting as hunting with short-barrel gun, though this has more adapted standards. Veselitelnaya sports shooting and not taken into account, because even in these areas, introducing Desert Eagle Rare is a prototype. So Makarov, it appears that Desert Eagle pistol has virtually no private sphere of implementation, but thanks to advertising knows about it each and every wish it at least hold in your hands, not to mention that would shoot at least once.

Closer to the «dream» with nedavneshnego time has allowed the company Umarex, broadly popular on the Russian market both in gas and traumatic vivid own guns and pneumatic pistols and rifles. Specifically, they did their own version of the pneumatic gun that in varying degrees, at least on the outside resembles combat Desert Eagle. Read the full external similarity even, unfortunately, impossible. In general, no 1st standard pneumatic gun, which was quite similar to its own outside combat grandparent in appearance, except that the samples that were converted from a combat weapon (there are miracles in the world). Yet, it should be noted that, by its dimensions gun came close to the fighting grandparent, but the weight and slightly less. Special thanks must be said for the fact that as designers tried to hide the signs may be pneumatic in this model, although with all this and sacrificed serviceability gun, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, everything in order.

Gun itself as easily guess, made actually quite plastic, but it should be noted that the plastic pretty good properties, but certainly not as an instrument that would withstand dropping on hard surfaces. Handle guns is a whole lining just poured and do not have the ability to substitute. Powered gun ordinary lead bullets, which are located in a removable drum capacity of 8 rounds. Balloon with carbon dioxide is in the gun handle, with all this, it should be noted that the biasing screw does not protrude beyond the pistol handle and generally does not issue a pneumatic gun. Unfortunately, it does not have gained the best possible way. The fact that in itself for itself biasing screw is a stub, which is screwed into the handle, with all this screwing itself will be created using a special key, which comes complete with a gun. First reason why this design «not good» for the pistol lies in the fact that you have to work out for that would learn to put the screw just Platen, otherwise you can just destroy the threads. Second is the reason for this loss of gas puncture the balloon that can be done rapidly, too, only with a fairly extensive experience with this model appeals.

Speaking of gas losses and its consumption as a whole. Air Pistol Desert Eagle was quite voracious, cartridge 12 grams consumed 30-40 shots. The reason for this is not passing gas in the gaps between the cylinder and the barrel as possible loaf first. In this regard, just an instrument, at least new, behaves on «five-plus.» The reason for the inflated costs of carbon dioxide is in the presence of function «bloubek», in other words the implementation of the shutter movement when shooting. This makes sense, albeit small, recoil, which naturally can not be compared with the impact of combat weapons. In addition, the motion is reversed, the shutter cocks and rotates the drum, making subsequent pull of the trigger less languid.

In air pistol Desert Eagle developers were able to realize the similarity of the trigger simple / double act at all it should be noted that the effort of pulling the trigger when shooting self-cocking and shooting the preparatory cocked close to combat grandparent. Hunting shake hands with the developers for what they have done trigger mechanism in which when fired samovzvodom drum rotates guns cocking and the following is its descent, with very, very smooth, uniform motion trigger, in other words when you force uniform. When shooting with a preliminary cocking or already produced after shot until the shutter trigger, when you press the trigger, you can see that the first is free stroke of the trigger, and then a sharp increase in efforts to press the shutter. So Makar, the moment of the shot absolutely controlled shooter and nondurable training to it can be used.

Outside air pistol Desert Eagle has all the controls and that its combat grandparent. But in fact they are far not functional. So similar are fighting weapon switch fuse box, and of course the trigger and the trigger of the gun. Decorative features make the same lever for dismantling weapons and the magazine eject button. Slide stop lever in this model gun is mobile, but it makes a completely different function, if in military weapons. The fact is that when you click on the active lever is shifted forward barrel that allows you to position the drum with bullets in the gun. The very same slide stop at the end of rounds or automatically open the drum compartment does not have a gun, as well as other models that use the same type of food itself.

A few words should be said about the convenience of using this tool. Naturally, the question of how awkward to carry a gun length of 28 cm and a weight of 1.1 kilograms and can be no question, pneumatics all the same. But some moments worth all the same light. Please prirekaniya handle calls, which for many may seem superfluous fat, so that those who have small palms this gun will not work. Nod that Umareks were able to make interchangeable grips just not worth it, because in this case they did not play a big role to. In general, read that the gun handle is very thick and put it in the negative pneumatics is not necessary, because there are taken from unusual dimensions battle standard.

Controls also spaced far enough from each other, and manage people will be able to hand holding or a large palm, or with a very longish fingers, but we look back on combat progenitor. Separate prirekaniya cause sights. It is clear that this model is not meant to place sport tires, but even when shooting veselitelnoy mentioned some negative aspects. Presented sights air pistol Desert Eagle unregulated front sight and adjustable horizontal completely. When all this is done manually adjustable rear sight, for it weakens the retaining screw, then hands moving in the right side of the pillar and clamped all the same locking screw. In other words, will need a lot of time and patience to adjust this instrument, although it is faster a matter of experience. Even more significant drawback is that the gun sights true enough stand against the black target, which greatly complicates aiming, in particular the criteria for a weak light. Maybe in this case it’s faster quibbling, but the manufacturer was able to fully make notes just to be snow-white paint on the front and rear sights. Besides the standard sights on the Desert Eagle air pistol can be installed and additional devices. So immediately above the barrel has a landing place for red dot scope or even weak optical, but here is an amateur, though it is a gun, much less air. In the bottom of the frame can be attached to another weapon landing place for a flashlight or laser pointer that can also be considered unnecessary, although very fine laser designator indicates how gun deviates from the aiming point while pressing the trigger that burning when shooting DA mode. Well, in an intuitive shooting as well, you can practice.

As usual big guns mean length and a greater length of the barrel. In this case, this rule also proved correct. So the gun barrel length was 140 mm, which, of course, only a positive impact on the accuracy of guns and bullet speed. So the weight is 0.45 grams velocity ranged from 135 to 140 meters per second at a distance of 1 meter from the trunk that air pistol quite well. On the accuracy of the same gun just showed his positive side, after adjusting the sights and adaptation to arms, managed to achieve results in almost one point at a distance of 5 meters, as completely well in comparison with many other models of pistols. In general, there is a reward just for weapons and ammunition, so that you charge the gun is also necessary to look.

In general, to name a pneumatic version of the pistol Desert Eagle from Umareks with LPG clone combat weapons impossible. Prevent this and plastic and decorative controls. But the fact that this model can be called comparative approximate original pneumatic gun by far. Questions remain unsolved reliability tools, and how it will behave after 500 and 1000 rounds, but now is too early to read about it because it is very similar is not enough data, and draw conclusions based on 2-3 cases, you will agree, is wrong.
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