Airfield for flying saucers could build the Nazis in the Kola Peninsula

Exploring the Kola Peninsula, the expedition of Russian scientists stumbled upon a mountain Liinakhamari, which may have hidden parts flying saucers Nazi. Readers of this "AIF" says expedition leader Professor Ernst Muldashev

Mount secrets

EM: — For the first time information about the mountain Liinakhamari we got to Murmansk. Local researcher Vladislav Troschin said that on this mountain has four mysterious circles that can not be interpreted otherwise than launching place of flying saucers. We analyzed all the information about flying saucers Germans. And that figured out. Aircraft in the form of plates of different modifications (disc Belontse, Vril, Haunebu I, II and III) were made in factories «Siemens» and «AEG» in Germany, but often delivered to Norway, where were assembled, after which they were transported to a special place which were tested. After the Finnish War in 1940

Stalin left Finnish Petsamo area, allowing it to work and the Germans for what they did not participate in that war. In this area is Mount Liinakhamari. Therefore, one could think that it was brought here disk-shaped aircraft. This area, which has no particular strategic value, was incredibly heavily fortified (all visible remains of German bunkers and batteries). Here was a regime of super-secret. We used only the labor of prisoners of war, who were then executed.

"AIF": — And why the Germans wanted it to this mountain?

EM: — We have the impression that everything is organized Nazi occult organization "Ahnenerbe." The village remained Liinakhamari building "Ahnenerbe" and two huge bunkers, where, according to local residents, are the basic units of flying saucers Germans. Unfortunately, these bunkers have been mined, and access to it is impossible.

The organization "Ahnenerbe" included best scientists in Germany. Its main feature was the fact that she does not avoid any magicians, sorcerers, shamans, Noida, etc. Discarding aplomb and conservatism inherent in science, they believed the mystics. These same principles of mysticism told them of the water motor disc-shaped aircraft, which will be run … with spells. Brilliant engineer Walter Schauberger turning this idea into reality, creating a "drive Belontse." It only remained to decide how and where to start it. Then mysticism told to make launchers on Mount Liinakhamari. Scientists "Ahnenerbe" agreed. And, according to the literature, the German flying discs were moving at a speed of 21,000 km / h
Circles in the water

"AIF": — When you have climbed mountains Liinakhamari that see there?

EM: — We saw four unusual set of concrete circles. Each of these complexes was located in a pit with a diameter of 40-50 m and a depth of 5-7 meters of excavation walls were kolboobraznoe extension underground, as well as two "ears" on the sides. Inside the pit and were concrete circles of different diameters, located at different depths, their number in different complexes varied from two to four. In the center of each complex is visible concrete square. And all of them are filled with water.

Here let down power line, built roads. But the most interesting — concrete, from which made the rounds. This is a sverhsovershennoy concrete that is not influenced in any time in the air or in water. He is very similar to the ancient concrete, which met in the town of Ain Darra in Syria and on which were printed traces giant. We explored the rest of the war tower guns of the Germans in German Peninsula. Yes, as in complexes mysterious circles, there also dug a pit and used a concrete circle, edged with iron, however, is much smaller diameter. But each gun was installed at a height where there is no water. Install the same on the mountain Liinakhamari impossible because all underground bunkers will be immediately filled with water.

"AIF": — Do you think that community — this is the place from which the Germans launched their plates?

EM: — from materials "Ahnenerbe" know that the engineer Walter Schauberger first flying disc created with the mercury engine, and then under the influence of mystics succeeded him on the water. The essence of this engine was that due to electromagnetic fields, untwist the water in the center of the aircraft could take off and a plate on the principle of a tornado, while maintaining contact with the ground. We came to the conclusion that during the flight the plates on the ground, too, was supposed to operate a water motor, which in effect would Maskvella harbored "anti-gravity energy" flying disc. And that ground water engine could be one of those mysterious circles in the "ears" of which there were electromagnetic engines. They ran the water in the pit twist that it was combined with twisting water in the water dish engine and unknown principle supplied the energy of the Earth flying.

Ernst Muldashev

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