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Kidnapping — one of the fairly complex scientific and political issues, the interest which show UFO organizations around the world. Given the huge interest in the problem of "kidnapping" of people unknown aliens, American popular science magazine "OMNI" had among its readers questionnaire. Completed the survey of more than 1200 people. Approximately one third of the resulting material was investigated UFO.

This array contains information on 111 kidnappings. Interestingly, in 42% of cases there was an element of phobias or fears associated with certain specific circumstances. Severe cases with mysterious memories contained in 31% of the questionnaires. A significant number of respondents (44%) mentioned the strange dreams. Fill in form of the majority were young women.

The total number of UFO sightings since the early 80's all over the world has been steadily decreasing. Particularly noticeable was the reduction in the United States, which once gave rise to "a plate boom." American ufologists, puzzled by such a strange phenomenon, we decided to more deeply analyze the situation. They found that over the last ten years in the United States increased enormously the number of "kidnapping." Initially assumed that the meeting of people with "aliens" and the notorious moving them on board the "spaceship" for "medical examinations" are purely accidental. Recent works by American ufologists, notably the research Bud Hopkins seems to refute this claim. One gets the impression that the candidates for "kidnapping" were selected in advance from a very early age, and that their opty communicate with "aliens" last a lifetime.

According to Hopkins, the encounters of the third kind usually begin with a 3-4-year-olds when they pick up the cell tissue. From this point on "Abduction" is in the position of a person constantly feel some control over them. In the future, such as contacts continue in the interest of specific genetic experiments. Memories of these events usually are "buried" in the subconscious mind of man, and not without help themselves "kidnappers." Talking with many survivors "kidnapping", Hopkins found them several oddities. In one case, for example, "victim" had an incredible fear of spiders. the age of five he once saw a light in the night with a few spider webs and frightened. According to Hopkins, the web was really pale, "Aliens", and spiders — his huge black eyes.

Hopkins came to the conclusion that most of the mental disorders described in the medical literature can be explained by the kidnapping, his experiences as a child and remained only in the subconscious. However, in Europe there are ufologists, for example, John Rymer, who believe that the abduction experience — it is only the symptoms and the cause — to change the person. Meanwhile, Bud Hopkins and writer Whitney Stiber created public funds to support the "stolen." One of the leading figures in this movement — Psychotherapist Leybou Rome, the organizer of a permanent international conference in the U.S. "The treatment and study of abnormal injury."

In one of his last articles Leybou emphasizes the importance of cooperation ufologists and therapists in the study of the phenomenon of "kidnapping." 1988 Congress MUFON historian David Jacobs presented a report on the so-called "syndrome of post-abduction." It was about some of the mental and physical consequences. One of the most common effects — disruption of normal sleep and nightmares.

Another phenomenon due to "post-abduction syndrome", is to create unreasonable fear. Some events in this incredible situation may, in the opinion Dekobsa, put "kidnapped" serious psychological damage. The transferred aboard a UFO, they can not resist stripping and subsequent medical examination. In addition while the newcomers perform these procedures, "stolen" sometimes see a number of other people who are also subject to nudity and inspection.

Some ufologists claim that aliens have the ability to "take root" in people. Moreover, the "hybrid creatures" live quietly among us! This view is supported researcher Edith Fiore — a psychologist, a specialist in regression hypnosis. She wrote a book, which tells the story of thirty patients, survivors of "kidnapping." In four of the nine cases investigated Joe Newman, "victims" said they are not residents of the earth and want to go back "home."

The U.S. approach has led even such serious ufologists as John Schessler, have proposed a UN-sponsored a new direction in science — ezopsihologiyu. The point is, "to, learn, and predict behavior, attitude, character, and thought the aliens." But what kind of aliens? In the early 70's script "kidnapping" had only a dozen specific episodes. In the next decade, this number had risen to one hundred. Now it is a few thousand.

Comparative analysis provided ethnologist, folklorist, ufologist Thomas Ballard in the study 270 episodes until 1985, gives a rather mixed picture. First of all, almost 50% of cases occurred in North America, 24% in South America and only 17% in Europe (almost half of them in England.) On the other hand, men in the number of "stolen" exactly twice as much as women.

Considering only the well-researched reports of "higher quality", by definition, Ballard, in 74 cases to recover the incident used hypnosis and only in 30 cases the affected memory was "spontaneous." When using hypnosis story of "medical examination" on board the UFO has a significant longer and richer detail. The greatest contrast between the two categories of victims seen by comparing the descriptions of the aliens. People remember "stealing" without hypnosis in prevailing number spoke of high humanoids with normal facial features. As a result gipnotestirovaniya narrator describes dwarf bald creatures with small noses. According to Ballard, "hypnosis is partly responsible for the characteristic appearance, the aliens."

Interestingly, the appearance of the kidnappers is dependent on geography accidents. These certificates from North America, for example, is dominated by small humanoids. From England often report higher beings similar to humans. In South America, "focused" tall humanoids. However, it is inconceivable that the different types of aliens. visited each its particular geographical area, and to avoid others!

Thomas Ballard came to the conclusion that the individual parts narrated episodes depend on the culture of "kidnapping" as well as the psychological properties hypnologist. Probably the most difficult part of UFO research and is to clarify the mechanism of these relationships. Interesting analysis conducted Elizabeth Slater, watching five men and four women, and not knowing that they "visited" the aliens. It turned out that all that smart, very solid person, what does not suffer mental health problems. In other words, stolen ", according to the Hopkins — is perfectly normal citizens. But at the same time, almost all of them undoubtedly are classified as" eccentric "or, at least strange people were of high intelligence, imaginative and complex inner life. This fact has led some researchers to include "stolen" in the category of persons who are likely to fantasize.

For the past ten years as psychologists have joined in this category, a group of people (they account for about 4% of the population). having special characteristics. For example: easily served hypnosis as a child living in a fictional fantasy world, as an adult paying a lot of attention, "Out of Body Experience", "waking dreams," and other paranormal passion. There is absolutely no less than normal people. It is significant that most of the victims are experiencing temporary loss of memory. Such states, however, are marked and sometimes ordinary people. This person usually does not lose clarity of perception, conscious of itself as a person capable of meaningful action. But then, usually for a few hours, he forgets it all and later regains his memory. There remains, however, a gap in memory, long unsettle the victim.

A whole series of psychological phenomena related to the transition state between sleep bodrostvovaniyu and vice versa. This "transition" predstastavlyaet great interest to ufologists. With his study found that about one-third of the 500 adults surveyed in neuroscience laboratories in Sudbury (Ontario), the previous 15 years at least once experienced in the transition state the feeling that there is someone around them. It occurs most often in the early morning. The phenomenon of "the presence of someone" was thoroughly discussed by David Hufford in the book "Nightmare, coming at night." The author notes that a sense of "presence" experienced as oppressive paralysis while the "victim" is usually on the back. Analysis of the reports about the Hufford leads to the conclusion that the only type of experience, experienced more than a sixth of the population, although with different interpretations. Some ethnic groups perceive a "nightmare" as an integral part of normal life experience and to explain it using traditional and supernatural schemes.

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