Aliens and miraculous healing

The accident in the garden

On one of the cases of this miraculous healing says Dr. Walter Andrews, a former director of the International Department of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) — Universal UFO Network.

In early March 1973, George Randall, owner of a farm near the town of Berryville in the U.S. state of Arkansas, was away on business in Houston. It was a warm, sunny spring day, and the rest in solitude Randal's wife, Joan, decided to start cutting in the big apple orchard behind the house, the more that this annual process is long overdue, not only start, but also complete.

Joan — a short, petite woman — hardly pulled out of the barn a heavy three-meter ladder leaning against the upper part of the branches of the nearest apple tree and a pair of scissors in hand, began to climb the stairs. When she got to the top, the branches of apple spruzhinili suddenly and pushed the ladder back. With a height of about two meters Joan fell to the ground on his back, and on top of it fell heaviest ladder. The woman lost consciousness.

Hopeless situation

When Joan came to, she saw that her beige sweatpants in the right thigh broke big dark red spot. At the time she graduated from nursing school, so once you determine what was an open fracture of the right leg and a piece of thigh bone, piercing the soft tissue and skin, made out, and because there was such heavy bleeding.

The sun was setting, so she lay unconscious for several hours. Getting out from under the stairs, giving her to the ground, Joan had no strength, and she realized that she alone is going to die from blood loss. Poor woman tried to scream, to call for help, but, apparently, his voice very weak, and no one heard. She decided that she was doomed to die, and began to pray.

It has been another, perhaps an hour. It became dark. Joan, resigned from his hopeless position, was to fall into oblivion.

The appearance of strange fellows

Suddenly, in the garden there were two personalities, who because of their strange form it first took to the local hippies, saying to myself that they move in a strange way, as if floating on air. When a person approached, then their faces, figures and clothes, she realized that they are not similar to any of those "types" hippies, what she had seen so far.

The first man came up to her a little more than a meter tall, very puny physique, with a disproportionately large head and piercing eyes huge black eye. On the face of brownish-gray color hardly stood a tiny little nose with prominent nostrils, and the place of his mouth was a narrow slit. Nothing like the ears were visible. On the sides of the torso man hung disproportionately long (in human terms) hands, ending with four brushes are very long and slender fingers with sharp nails. Hands looked like they did not have a thumb.

His legs were short, little people do not seem to have a knee replacement and could not bend when walking. But that, apparently, there was no need, for both the visitor moved, sliding to the ground and not touching it, as if they were floating on air. No trace on the ground with no choice, and the grass is not even ducked.

Miraculous healing

Man, coming up to the first Joan, higher of the two, was dressed in a form-fitting jumpsuit sort of gray-blue color, with wide cuffs on the sleeves, tightly covering the wrist. At the feet of the man she saw a child-sized brown boots, the kind suede, and on his head — a small cap, like a yarmulke. He put his hand to his cheek, Joan, and she felt his fingers were very cold and rough, as if wrapped in sandpaper.

Suddenly, Joan realized that hears the voice of the creature, but no ears, as if it sounds right in her head. The voice was very high, sweet voice, but with a touch of mechanical as some "positive" robots of science fiction television series.

The second creature was half a head lower than the first, with the same body shape and facial features, big black eyes, only the skin on his face all wrinkled, and his voice sounded like a small child. And this man was dressed differently. His suit was a kind of a combination of pieces of corrugated hoses of different diameter, connected in a single whole: body covered hose more, hands and feet — a smaller diameter hoses. When the man bent down, rear bumps dealt, and the front is compressed. Similarly change the look of the sleeves, the creature bendable elbows.

Feeling in his mind to vote men, despair gripped Joan begged them to help her get out from under the damn stairs, though no hope that she, with her injury, can do it with two such flimsy-looking assistants. However, they are easily removed from her and dragged towards the stairs, and then higher — apparently, he was the chief — invited her to her feet. Joan pointed to a spot of blood on his pants and said she can not do this, but the chief insisted his request. Then she tried to get up, and, to his amazement, unable to get up quite easily, almost without feeling pain.

Dinner together did not take place

Feeling great relief and full of gratitude to his rescuers, Joan invited them into the house so they could all have dinner together. She thought to herself, as well able to feed such a frail-looking guys delicious homemade food. But rescuers politely declined her offer, saying that they could consume only juice, not solids. Joan mentally "walked" in the contents of the fridge: it stood apart from any food jars with orange, grape and tomato juice, and canned apples and peaches. But before she could begin to list their stocks, as the master, read her mind, he said: "Unfortunately, this kind of juice do not suit us." Very upsetting that failed to repay the strange little creatures for their rescuing, Joan asked when she would be able to see them again. Her answer was puzzled. They said that they "do not know exactly, because I do not often fly on the trade route."

Mysterious souvenir

In parting, the fellows gave Joan souvenir — a round object with a diameter of about five inches, similar to the medallion and having the top of the headband, like a pocket watch. The outer circle of the medallion was a ring with evenly spaced through-holes, and in its central part is a convex shape, which resembles a beetle lying on the V-shaped pedestal, surrounded by small rings. The medallion is made of metal and covered with oxides, similar to rust. Subsequently medallion was handed Texas ufology, MUFON member George Wood, who tried to figure out the image on the medallion symbols and understand their meaning. Did he succeed in this is unknown.

With the consent of Joan medallion was "bitten off" a small piece of material, and John Schussler, then director of the International Department of MUFON, formally presented it to NASA for research. But as you know, NASA reluctantly engaged to be associated with UFOs. It seems that the study of this sample there treated casually. Schussler soon got it back, saying that it is a material very similar to Garth — based alloy of lead and tin, used in typography for casting typefaces.

But even with the naked eye can see, that is hardly the case, as on the medallion is rust, which means that the material contains a significant amount of iron. It is noteworthy that to give a written report on the results of the analysis at NASA refused.

All ends well

As for injuries, Joan by accident, then it really was an open fracture of the femur, but when, at the urging of the chief rescuer and savior, rose to his feet, of a broken bone inexplicably "fell into place" and no longer disconnected. In this case, the bleeding stopped by itself, and a deep wound in the soft tissues, bone fragments proporotyh, quickly began to heal. A week later, the dramatic fall Joan resembled a 10-inch pink scar.

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