Aliens lay on the bottom?

Psychologically sailors were always ready to meet in the deep sea creatures that, by the way, happened more than once, according to surviving records in the logbook. But the sailors did not expect to meet with submersible vehicles, immeasurably superior to anything that could create a civilization on Earth …

In "The Diary of Andrew Bloksama," published in 1825, there is a curious entry: "Today, August 12, 1825, at approximately 3:30 am the night watch on deck suddenly froze in amazement all around them lit up with lights. Looked to the East, they saw a huge round luminous body, rises at an angle of 7 degrees from the water to the clouds, then dropped out of sight. same pattern repeated itself again.'s body was the color of red-hot cannon-ball and the size was like the sun. it emits a strong light that on deck could find the needle. "

The crew of the ship "Victoria" is owned by a certificate that 18iyunya 1845 they watched the ascent of three dazzling drive slowly soaring into the sky. Had size five times larger than the visible moon, they were associated with thin luminous rods.

With a strong desire these and other similar cases can be explained by atmospheric or hydrospheric unexplored phenomenon — they do not have a pronounced "man-made shade." That, by the way, not just happened. But a number of observations have occurred in this century, can not be interpreted otherwise than as a meeting with unidentified objects created by some unknown reason. It is these cases that are of particular interest.

In 1963, the U.S. Navy's next exercise held off the coast of Puerto Rico. Was fulfilled the task of finding a potential enemy submarine. For the "enemy" submarine "hunting" aircraft carrier "Wasp", five escort ships and several submarines. The exercise involved and planes, one of which was towing the rope device for detecting submarines.

Suddenly on the bridge of the aircraft carrier received the report from the operator-acoustics, it was reported that one of the U.S. submarines suddenly changed course, clearly pursuing an unknown purpose underwater. And the mysterious object was removed with unimaginable speed 150uzlov more! This fact was noted in at least 13 logbook. Notice of the meeting with superbystrohodnym underwater vessel was immediately sent to the commander of the Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, Virginia. It remains to add that, even today, the maximum speed the most advanced submarines in the submerged does not exceed 50 knots.

However, this is not the end of the puzzle. According to the reports of acoustics and sonar operators, the object is immersed in the terrible depth of 20,000 feet, whereas the depth record for a submarine is only about six thousand feet.

Such incidents are not classified as exceptional. Entry in the log of Argentine ship "Naviera" from July 20, 1967 report other strange events. Caused by the officer of the watch on deck, the captain of the ship on the starboard side saw a strange glow coming from a cigar-shaped body length of about 30 meters, and is absolutely smooth. About a quarter of an hour, "cigar" was moving on a parallel course, and then suddenly plunged, passed under the hull of the ship and quickly walked away.

Diving and surfacing unidentified objects often observed not only foreign, but also our military. Such phenomena, for example, often recorded instruments tracking station spacecraft located near the Pamir Lake Sarez, which has a depth of 500 meters. At the end of December 1989 under the naval artillery fire hit near Vladivostok triangular UFO circled the bay quiet. Known case of a meeting of military divers with an unknown humanoid creature in the waters of Lake Baikal.

Not less than flying out of the water and diving at full speed obviously artificial objects, shock and amaze sailors mysterious light effects, meetings that occur on almost every latitude oceans. The crew of research vessel "Vladimir Vorobiev," such as watching them in the Arabian Sea. Within a radius of 150-200 meters around the vessel rotates counterclockwise bright white spot, breaking up into eight parts. Sounder fixed depth of 170 meters and at the same time showed the presence of water under the keel a considerable mass at a depth of 20 meters. Similar observations (only phenomenon reached an even larger scale), said in an interview with the newspaper "Evening Odessa" in 1977, the captain of the ship "Anton Makarenko." But the lines from the book of famous explorers depths J. Piccard and R. Dietz, "… 10.57. Depth 700 fathoms … Once seen rather large disc-shaped object with multiple points of light …"

The most common explanation of the mysterious illumination of the ocean looks like this: the light of plankton or krill or decaying algae or tropical fish. Indeed, the accumulation of microorganisms sometimes able to glow. But it happens in shallow water. Moreover, in most such cases, water samples were taken, found no masses of plankton.

Professor of Oceanography University of Hamburg Kurt Calle analyzed 70 reports of sightings of so-called figure glow sea received for decades. He concluded that the mysterious light pictures are not the result of a collective hallucination of seafarers, they are very real and can not be explained from the point of view of modern science.

However, the hypothesis to explain virtually all underwater anomalies, still are. True, they sound more extravagant and not convince everyone. Their essence is the following: in the unknown depths of the ocean there is an unknown people, very technologically advanced civilization. Unidentified "diving", floating objects, mysterious enchanting light pictures are all manifestations of life of our "brothers on reason", preferring to shy away from a meeting with his land "relatives."

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