All the previous privatization plans were not met

The Government of its decision approved new three-year privatization plan2011-2013. What is supposed to privatize the company, and what — only to transform into joint stock companies? Why pre-privatization plan was fulfilled by only 10 percent? These and other questions are answered economist Boris Zheliba.

Tsigankov: How ambitious you are presented the plans of privatization? Whether such privatization would Significant additions to the budget?

Zheliba: Plans may have scale. But the fact that they were never fulfilled. If this venture middling, already had a bad experience — they were put up for sale, but there were no buyers. Who will buy who have money today? I think that if a demand will be, the most famous, large enterprises.

After all, our enterprise mediocre, which are featured in these plans are not very attractive, bearing in mind their financial condition, earnings, profitability, and so on. So I do not think the government will be able to execute their plans.

If any demand will be, the most famous, large enterprises.

Tsigankov: As for the biggest companies, they are only included in the plan to turn the republican unitary enterprises into joint stock companies in theThe period 2011-2013, which included 134 companies. Including subsidiaries "Belorusneft" RUE "Svetlogorsk Production Association" Man-made fiber, "alcoholic beverage companies, Republican Unitary Enterprise" National Airline "Belavia", RUE "Minsk Tractor Works", RUE "Belarusian Metallurgical Plant. Why the government can not accelerate privatization of these enterprises? Do not you think that the emergency situation in the economy can accelerate these processes?

Zheliba: I agree with you, now the currency is very much needed, and as you know, part of the proceeds from the privatization goes into the budget. The current state should force our government to speed up these processes. But as it would be in reality, I do not know. I am not an optimist here.

Tsigankov: A three-year plan of privatization in Belarus2008-2010 years, was implemented by 10% for the past 3 years planned to sell 155 companies, in fact decided to sell the shares only 16. What is the main issue? Psychological, career, or simply did not have such a pressing need?

Zheliba: This set of reasons. And the leadership of the unprepared, and bureaucracy is very strong. Second, in the case of large enterprises, the power exhibited a number of social conditions which must fulfill the potential buyer. And it repelled customers. And the prices were too high. I think you have to reduce the social conditions that make the process easier and more privatization to meet buyers.



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