«All the UFO flew over Astana on the same trajectory, and at the same speed»

Astana resident and specialist in aviation Murat Begimkulov witnessed a parade of UFOs over the capital. Professional kept his head and photographed unusual. Now his staff became a hit on the Internet.

Murat Begimkulov. Photo: www.express-k.kz

— I am sure that this aircraft extraterrestrial origin — said Murat Begimkulov. — For a long time I had the opportunity to observe the flight of the city six UFOs. First flew over the city of two devices, then four more.

Murat Begimkulova valuable evidence by the fact that he is the aircraft. Looking in the sky on any plane flies, it can easily determine its size, speed, and even the brand.

— It's definitely not a plane — says Murad Begimkulov. — The night sky was clear. I was visiting my parents. Span UFO we saw the whole family. Similar phenomena of Astana has repeatedly described and even filmed on mobile phones eyewitnesses. Once people accepted the UFO even Chinese lanterns. However, what I shoot, not a toy.

These were aircraft discoid shape. If I was not an expert in aviation and I would not have argued. I managed to photograph it with a clear view. I was able to observe also that all the UFO flew over Astana on the same trajectory, and at the same speed.

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