Americans suspected that China conducted the first test of a new missile to destroy satellites

Americans suspected that China conducted the first test of a new missile to destroy satellites
China’s military in mon spent the first test the latest ground-based anti-satellite missile, saying the South American sources citing intelligence. In the Chinese media and official sources, meanwhile, appeared explanations about what he saw in the sky on May 13 many users of the web and intensively discussed in the Web unidentified flying object over the territory of the PRC.

As recently told newspaper The China Daily, Tuesday evening from the Baikonur Xichang in the southwestern province of Sichuan was launched probe for research purposes. On Wednesday the launch of the report was posted on the website of the Chinese Academy. According to the report, the device is designed to study magnetic fields of cosmic-Earth space.

But, according to the South American edition of The Washington Free Beacon, in reality mon from Xichang landfill was not running a research probe and rocket Dong Ning-2 ASAT, the ability to destroy enemy satellites potential.

Is noteworthy that the proposed test came just a week after the May 6 U.S. Department of Defense released a report on China’s military growth. In it, namely, the active development mentioned in the PRC missile defense system. Traditionally, the Chinese authorities have protested with the unveiling of the report, noting that it provides distorted facts. Beijing whenever commenting on such reports, said that the military buildup is associated only with the defense and poses no threat to other countries.

Edition of The Washington Free Beacon wrote about the existence of recent Chinese missiles DN-2 in last October, and in January of this year, citing intelligence officials said that ASAT preparing to launch.

On Tuesday at a press briefing in Beijing, the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of China Leyu Hoon asked about the anti-satellite missile test. He did not deny this information, and did not confirm it, saying that he was not aware of the situation. The diplomat stressed that China stands for peaceful alternately introduction of cosmic space and the militarization of and an arms race in outer space.

Declined to comment on the matter, and a Pentagon spokesman Cathy Wilkinson. She noted that the military intelligence agency does not is discussed.

DN-2 — a big step forward for China, in the U.S. are afraid

Meanwhile, the South American source close to the intelligence agencies, said the rocket was launched DN-2, which is a significant step forward for the Chinese strategy of asymmetric warfare applets with the ability to use it against the United States.

Another interviewee The Washington Free Beacon agreed with the version that the launch of the Chinese ASAT deliberately disguised start research probe. If this assumption is correct, maybe the authorities had hoped that the launch will take place unnoticed. But the hype raised online users — they saw in the sky and colorful glow began to spread in the network of UFO photos and videos. Officials had to comment on the incident.

First successful test of an anti-missile SC-19 ASAT China held in January 2007, when he was hit by one of the country’s meteorological satellites. As a result of the incident remained in orbit 10’s of thousands of cosmic debris debris, which continue to threaten the current time as a manned spacecraft and unmanned devices of cosmic.

According to U.S. intelligence, China has a wide arsenal of cosmic war, including interceptor missiles and equipment that are capable incapacitate satellite communication and navigation systems, widely used by South American military.

Dn-2 is capable of hitting targets at the highest Earth orbit at a distance of 19 km to 35 thousand thousand kilometers above the Earth. Specifically, at this altitude is a lot of military, intelligence and commercial satellites of various countries, including the United States.

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