Analysis of the effects of UFOs

Despite the fact that data on unidentified flying objects assembled a huge, purpose of their appearance remains as unclear as it was then, when our ancestors looked with amazement at anchor airships. I would venture to analyze now the most frequently observed effects UFO, of course, in the form in which they are presented to us.

Consider only what is called UFO, excluding the adjacent poltergeist problems and predictions, Sasquatch and ghosts. In order to make assumptions about the purpose of the appearance of unidentified flying objects, I propose briefly the actions performed by them in our eyes and their own statements to that effect.

UFO action.

Flights and spotlights.

UFO seen in the daytime, usually in the form of black or silver body, at night — in the form of luminous spots. Sometimes, though, they glow in the afternoon. Why? Most likely then, to make it easier to see, because if they do not want to be visible, they are no one sees. Ordinary "plate" can disappear (not fly, but it disappear), or as suddenly "appear" as if from nowhere. At the same time, the UFO movement, and in particular the radiation beam so it strange and not like anything that occurs in nature and technology (most often, for example, a ray of light "breaks" in the air.) To the same group of phenomena can be attributed night flights of the brightly inside cabin. Many of these observations were made at a time when the only flight instrument was technically impossible, even though it is difficult to imagine a pilot, flying with such a brightly lit cabin.


It seems that the "plates" arrive to us specifically to repaired. They do it wherever necessary — or in a crowded desert, at sea or in the air. Repair is always done by hand or with hand tools, long repair times up a few hours. Though only in the United States UFO seen at least 5 million people (UFOlogy 1976 m2, № 3, C34), a number of repairs unwittingly suggests that "dish" simply imitate our activities. Generally, it is believed that the UFO seen at least 3% of the population, which is currently more than 193 million people.


Here, unfortunately, we can only shrug. The number of kidnappings account can not be, the selection criteria of the people they do not know, the information stolen from (or who gave voluntary consent to evacuation) are rather vague in nature, which reduces the value of this information. Strictly speaking, there is no evidence to suggest that at least one of the abductees still alive. However, systematic abduction by aliens is people can hardly be in doubt.

So, the first of November, 1990, Rostov-on-Don. A former employee of the Criminal Investigation Nikolay Rostov Zheleznyak was on business in the city of Kamensk Shakhty Rostov region, the home of a longtime friend. About three o'clock in the morning he was awakened by a severe headache, the likes of which he had, in his words, never in my life. However, immediately after leaving the house the pain completely gone, which rather surprised observers.

The next moment he saw the ground in 100 meters from a huge machine, like a form of a convex lens. It hung at a height of 4-5 meters, and light itself, but around the flood, according to the witness, a bluish glow. Down from an object across its width left column of black smoke, clearly defined edges. Within this pillar swirled sort of black mist.

Around the site, taking it in the ring were humanoids, growth not less than 2.5 meters, dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits. At the same time the steppe to the object approached a group of 15-18 people is quite terrestrial species, of which the viewer remember the old gypsy woman. Led a group of man in a dark suit, white shirt and tie. Next to him was a typical village mechanic. Children in the group to be. Minimum distance from the observer to the group does not exceed 20 meters.

Two beings of gigantic stature, such as those that stood around the UFO moved together with the human group, and when she stopped at the edge of the illuminated area, separated from it by three people, and led to an object. All five men entered a swirling black mist and disappeared in it. After a few seconds the two escorts came out of the fog, and selected a new group of three people. When all the people were initiated into the post, and seven surrounding UFO beings also entered into a column. Hablyudatel seen details of the disappearance of the last — he went into the post just disappeared. Sparkle to "dish" faded, she quietly moved away and went to the city center, passing over the head of the witness. As it turned out, the landlord, who stopped the observer also saw UFO out the window.

Can hardly call into question what the observer specifically removed from the house, so that he could watch that scene. What does it mean — exactly unknown, although one can assume its connection with the orientation of the police witnesses.

Treating people.

Recorded cases of such a lot, treatment occurs or remotely, or using pills or surgery. Sometimes they offer to go for treatment in their world, the percentage of return from there is unknown. However, the number of people cured UFO is not too large.

Killing and disease in humans.

The number of such cases is much higher than in the previous group, perhaps because the "break — not to build &3148;. Most people are sick and dying, caught in the beam coming from the UFO" light. " This, for example, was part of the crew with the infamous aircraft (flight 8352), who met with UFO in January 85th. The symptoms and the cause of death can be very different, more obscure than the known.

Killing animals.

Kill animals (cows, sheep), their organs (very carefully and cautiously), pump blood. To pump blood as much as it makes the UFO, you need to keep the animal alive until the last moment. Even though such a possibility bleeding body is at the limit of the possible.

Claim that the inhabitants of UFO?

Yes, anything they may say. But listen to them, maybe it makes sense. Haibolee often they report that they would like to hear. Venerable Texas farmer told that some ships, such as the one on which it is already built and will serve him (the farmer) good.

In a more modern interpretation of it sounds like this: "I got up. Move was hard, as in water. Balls all jumped on the windowsill and rolled down the window, but the one I managed to catch. Suddenly it opened a lid, and I heard the music, Chopin waltz. I asked, "Who are you?" Answer: "We are just like you." Me: "You know Chopin?" The answer is "Yes. And much more. you earthlings, faces big trouble." I "Ho who would believe me if I told about this?" Answer: "Havernoe, no." Me: "Why are you here then?" Answer: "The disaster may end in disaster for us. So we are seeing." Me: "Can I now call friends or wake up my mom and sister? They sleep in the next room. " Answer: "Hezachem. Electricity and telephone not working." Tried to turn on the lights — to no avail. Picked up the phone — silence. I remember well that there was no fear. Then again blackouts. Woke up outside a bright sunny morning. That this is not a dream, I'm sure. "(A.Kuzovkin. UFO. M.1990).

It seems that someone in charge of people would come up with something clever. Moreover, the majority of more or less serious issues OHO generally can not answer. If for some reason OHO allow that question is yet to be defined, OHO begins to put pressure on the witness fear, blind or paralyze him. But if the witness is set hard enough and do not give psychological position, the phenomenon may retreat. It turns out that the phenomenon is just too stupid to plausible answer questions.

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