«Anchorage» (LPD-23) — new landing helicopter dock ship class «San Antonio» U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy announced on May 4, 2013 at the Port of Anchorage (Alaska) commissioning ceremony in the combat fleet of the new helicopter landing ship dock (DVKD) «Anchorage» (LPD-23) class «San Antonio.» LPD-23 «Anchorage» is the seventh DVKD class «San Antonio.»
Keel authentication ceremony the ship was accomplished in Avondale September 24, 2007. Waterfront DVKD was launched May 14, 2011. Acceptance Tests LPD-23 Group of technical control and checks of the U.S. Navy (INSURV) completed in July 2012.
In September 2012 the ship was transferred to the U.S. Navy. Said about this press service TSAMTO.
Implementation of programs from construction DVKD class «San Antonio» began in 1993 and provides for the supply of 11 U.S. Navy ships. To date, the U.S. Navy transferred seven DVKD:
«San Antonio» (LPD-17)
«New Orleans» (LPD-18)
«Mesa Verde» (LPD-19)
«Green Bay» (LPD-20)
«New York» (LPD-21)
«San Diego» (LPD-22)
«Anchorage» (LPD-23)
More 4 ships are at different stages of construction, including:
«Arlington» (LPD-24)
«Somerset» (LPD-25)
«John P. Murtha» (LPD-26)
DVKD class «San Antonio» is a component of the «triad» of delivery vehicles expeditionary units USMC to the place of combat operations, which also includes convertible aircraft (PLA) MV-22 «Osprey» and the latest generation of amphibious armored EFV.
The ship can carry 800 troops from the Marines and ensure their landing on the coast, using landing craft air cushion (LCAC), ordinary landing craft, helicopters or planes with vertical takeoff and landing.

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