The fact that the Greek Sibyl really had the gift of prophecy, confirmed by many major contributors. But how far into the future were able to look into these mythical women? And is it true that long before these soothsayer Nostradamus knew what awaits Russia in the XXI century?  

Students of Apollo  

For a start — a little history. So, from the Temple of Apollo Sibyl foretold the Greeks a great war in the event that Atreus, Menelaus — brother of King Agamemnon, Atreus — take a wife Elena spartan. Greek leaders did not listen to the prophecy. And for good reason. Only a few years beauty Elena ran away from her husband and her lover — beautiful Paris. Their adopted home of Paris — Troy. And … started the Trojan War.

This prediction mentioned Greek orator Isocrates. A famous ancient philosopher and historian Pausanias said nothing of the Trojan Sibyl, who predicted that the Spartan Helen will ruin Troy. In general, many world historians recall various prophecies of the Sibyls, often calling them the Roman way — Sybil. The very same word "Sibyl" comes from the name of the first Sibyl, which is mentioned in the ancient myths — the daughter of the king of Dardanus and his wife incommensurate. True, myths also stipulate that the real father of the girl was Zeus, why, and there was a second name Sibyl — Zeus.

All the children of the supreme god, as you know, has the ability to predict that, but mostly this gift had a son of Zeus, Apollo, the god of light, youth and the arts. It is believed that Apollo himself taught pythonesses, servants of the church dedicated to him at Delphi, to predict the future. But apparently, a Delphic oracle on all of Greece was not enough, so I had to share this gift of Apollo with other women, and which became known by the name of the first Greek soothsayer — Sibyl. In one of the oldest myths about Apollo is mentioned first Greek Sibyl — Herophilus. Later, there were other soothsayer who just called on their habitats: Eritrean, Phrygian, tiburtinskaya, kolofonskaya, Samos, Roman, Persian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Palestinian, and others.

But perhaps the most famous was the Kum (Cuman) Sibyl. Kuma city, located in what is now Italy, in ancient times was a Greek colony. No wonder that, according to legend, is the first of Sibyl Temple of Apollo at Cumae received the gift of prophecy directly from God Himself. To teach a girl to tell the future, Apollo asked: what to give her as a reward for hard work. Sybil said:

— Give me a long life! I have much to learn.

And Apollo did his student almost immortal. But it is, alas, old, because together with longevity have guessed ask eternal youth. And a few centuries poor girl turned into a nightmarish old woman creep. Again had to ask the teacher for mercy — to forward it to the kingdom of Hades, god of the dead. Apollo took pity, but in Hades would not let the faithful disciple, and took to his Parnassus, and watered the sacred ambrosia. The old woman again become a woman, however, the old beauty has not found it. They say that since then, and disliked the Sibyl beautiful young maidens and began to predict: the beauty of all adversity.

Sivillovy books  

The ancient world knew the gift of predicting the Sibyl received from the gods, and therefore their respected everywhere. The common people, however, feared the prophetesses, and he often referred to them. Sibyl could only be an innocent young girl, who then had to spend my life in the church. Get married she had no right. Well, if you still feeling inferior physical love, you lose status Sibyl and driven from the temple: it was thought that the loss of virginity it loses communication with the gods.

Predictions of the Sibyls believed. Historians cite their prophecies. For example, the great Pythagoras himself told how one of the Sibyl foretold epidemic lasting exactly 51 days. Indeed, the 52-day epidemic sharply declined. Plutarch wrote that Sibyl warned of the impending eruption of Vesuvius, and thus saved many people who believed her prediction.

Even the Roman rulers honored sibyls and help from the Treasury to temples, where they lived in the walls of the prophetess. But not always, the power and the Sibyl understand each other. The story tells of a tragic episode that occurred at the beginning of the VI century BC. Then the king Tarquinia Gordy was the most famous of Kuma sibyls named Demofila and offered to buy her nine manuscripts in which the Sibyl wrote his most important prophecies of the future life. For this set of wisdom Demofila asked a lot of money. And Tarquin refused — a very high price. Then Demofila threw three books into the fire.

— One-third of wisdom is lost! — She said. — But the price for the rest — the same! Tarquin grimaced — I'm not going to pay for the six books as nine! Demofila coolly tossed into the fire three more books: — Then you have to pay for the three books as nine! Then open the door and rushed to the king at the feet of his advisers: — Buy at least the last book, lord!

Tarquin heeded pleas and bought the other three books. The first consisted of prophecy itself Cumaean Sibyl, the second — the most famous of the predictions of the Sibyls tiburtinskih Albunei, a third — of the wise sayings of various Sibyls.

These three books Tarquin gave the Roman Temple of Apollo, then they hit the Capitoline temple of Jupiter. Priest of the temple belonged to the scrolls tenderly and respectfully, removed only when absolutely necessary, when you had to check with them the fate of the state. Even under the Empire to him quietly sought advice.

Alas, in the IV century BC rulers who wanted to destroy the strange book. And he built the temple of Jupiter fire, the flames which burned the manuscript. But the keepers of the books did not put up with the loss. They were able to reproduce from memory and write a few hundred sayings of ancient wisdom. Subsequently, they were made up of several recipes, that secretly enjoyed until the V century AD. But in the VI century scrolls burned completely — again in the temple conflagration.

Russian trace  

True, the popular belief is not resigned to the loss of manuscripts. Nearly every age here and there floated mention of the fact that some of the pages of books sivillovyh still preserved. There were people who swore that they had seen them, and even in his hands. One of these people was discovered in Russia.

In the XV century court of Vasily III lived his favorite astrologer and clairvoyant Basil Nemchin. Judging by the name, he was clearly a foreigner, but how — no one knew. This Nemchin had "forbidden" talents: able not only to heal ailments, but also to cast out demons from the sick man, averted the evil eye, and could even punish offenders — sent against them various misfortunes.

He also said the king to the great secret that came to his court because he had read in some secret list that the Russian land — a sacred land where the story itself is administered. These lists Nemchin saw the "wizards woodland", who studied art MAGICAL. They argued that the lists are made with old manuscripts, which contained the prophecies of the ancient sibyls that could remember. And these prophecies tell of the major events in the subsequent history of mankind, and Russia up to the year in which by modern reckoning we would call 2012.

— Why not more? — Asked Basil. — Because, sir, that before this time, the whole history of your country will be developed in a challenging and even a bloody path. But with the title in the books, her life will go up only — to the happiness and prosperity of nations. Your country will become the backbone of the world, because in it are the holy cities. Each of these cities was said Sibyl, should be surrounded by pine trees, used to make ships in the city to be the tomb of the great Amazon, it must also have a sacred stone, omphalitis. If these three conditions are met, with exactly four years before the above period of time in all these holy cities begin prosperity and happiness.

Happiness in the holy city  

So, is there any truth in that said Nemchin based on sivillovyh books? Indeed, the fate of Russia was on the heavy track. But by the beginning of the second millennium wheel bloody revolutionary times slowed the momentum … Well if so … Sivillovy books have entered the date of prosperity — 2012. But were promised that another four years before the above period of time (ie, in 2008) will flourish in the holy city.

Just What cities are? Yes, almost everyone.

Judge for yourself. These cities should be three things: timber, suitable for making boats and ships, graves Amazons, that is fearless women, and the sacred stone-omphalos. So, in the Russian forests — almost around every city. Amazons in our area — many: one World War II revealed millions of fearless defenders of the Motherland. Well, what's omphalos? This legendary "navel of the earth." According to legend, the stone fell down from the heavenly heights. The most famous omphalos is in the temple of Apollo at Delphi in the famous oracle. But is the Thunder-stone, on which stands the legendary Bronze Horseman in St. Petersburg — not explicit omphalos? And in the center of Moscow, just a few meters from Red Square in general is a special sign of the "center of the earth."

There are other city — not the capital, but no less sacred. For example, Yelabuga. There around the ship trees, the image is still a great Shishkin. The city was buried famous hussar-girl Hope Durov — is not a true Amazon! By the way, there has found eternal peace of the great "amaznoka" of Russian poetry Tsvetaeva … and sacred omphalos there exists: the very name of the city comes from the stone "Alabuga" (ie "Black Bull"), which was so enormous, that block the mouth of the Kama River.


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