And the Day of Victory from Sergei Larenkova

Copyright accession:the Feast of Victory want to show some of his new works, as well as some previously unpublished. Let us remember those who defended their homeland:

1942 Leningrad — St. Petersburg 2013. Country prospectus. The machine-gunners on the way to the front.


Leningrad 1942 — St. Petersburg in 2013. Ul.Mayakovskogo, 10. Seeing another victim of the blockade.

Leningrad 1943 — St. Petersburg 2012. Female soldiers MoEHE on the boulevard of Trade Unions (Horse Guards).

Moscow 1941-2012. Children for a walk in the Passionate Boulevard.

Moscow Neglinnaya 1941-2011.

For the next two works in Volgograd, at my request contemporary images made Stas Remizov and Rostislav Sins:

Stalingrad 1943 — Volgograd ul.Arseneva 2013, 6. Red Army soldiers escorting prisoners Nazis.

Stalingrad 1943 — 2013 Children of Stalingrad, Volgograd at the destroyed school building.

Vienna 1945-2010 Soviet mortar in the street Favoritenstrasse, 12, at the Hotel Strauss.

Vena1945 2010. Photos on the memory at a monument to Maria Theresa.

Berlin 1945-2010. The tank with the soldiers on the Pariser Platz near the Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin 1945-2010. Sturm Reystaga.

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