Andrei Bondarenko was acquitted and released

March 22 Minsk City Court announced the verdict businessman and a member of the United Civil Party Andrei Bondarenko. Bondarenko fell short of the phrase "lack of evidence" and was released from custody in the courtroom.

Andrei Bondarenko, shortly before the release.

Businessman and member of the UCP Andrey Bondarenko left two years imprisonment. Previously, he was found guilty of theft and fraud. For this time his case was reviewed twice.

The Supreme Court issued a protest, and the Presidium of the Minsk City Court this protest took the previous sentence. And now, the Minsk City Court to hear the case, as the court of first instance.

In 2008 Andrei Bondarenko ran for the House of Representatives, but the parliament has not got. Bondarenko tried to challenge the election results.

Free Andrei Bondarenko and her daughter.



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