Angels of the Apocalypse and their prophecies

During the rule of the land of the Fifth Angel of the Apocalypse (2013-2020) war will be greatly reduced and the nature of local operations — regionally-position.

All the warring States are huge losses in the first stage devastate the whole of Europe. The survivors scattered groups of people emigrate to the north of Europe.

Pope is making every effort to bring peace back to Earth with the help of the church. However, he did not succeed. His efforts did not bring about any results.

Almost in the same position and was Russia, which is now creeping war in Chechnya. This immediately pushed all Transcaucasia from Russia, which quickly took control of the Muslims. With regard to Armenia and Georgia, the two Christian countries can not stand against an army of Muslims all over Asia and the East. Therefore, they are free to skip them to Russia. And what can they do? After all, they were in the ring Muslims. And in order to survive and to survive, they need to help the Muslim Chechnya. Naturally, they will do it. After all, Armenia and Georgia must save his people in a future war.

As a result, in 2018, Russia will be completely surrounded by Muslims across the state border — in the West, South and East, As the northern border of the sea, the fleet could well protect them. However, it was badly damaged, without any wars. Restoring it requires huge financial resources. And if they are not enough, Russia is able to get out of this state by the nationalization of all large projects in oil, gas and mining industry, as well as the recovery of defense engineering. Through tremendous effort at the cost of heavy losses, the same operation succeeded Stalin with the Government of the USSR in 1933-1942 years.

A similar problem will stand and now to Russia. Only it will be much more dangerous than all the previous battles.

In 1812, Napoleon entered Russia at the head of the 50000th army of five million came Adolf Hitler. And in the future, and the Third World War, fell on her 50-million-strong army of Muslim soldiers armed "to the teeth" with the latest Soviet weapons — aircraft, tanks, small arms Kalashnikov, and nuclear weapons (atomic bombs).

The second phase of the Third World War is closely connected with the Pope, who, according to some books of the Bible, was lured to the talks and there Muslims arrested.

These events are described in the following text.
Centuria 3, Quatrain 10:

— Of blood and hunger much confusion
— Seven times will occur at the seashore;
— Monaco from hunger, place captured;
— Captured. Great carry in an iron cage.

Yes, a very strange text: here is all that can be very frightening man — blood, famine, captivity, and even in the form of iron jail cells.

* From the blood and hunger much confusion

Seven times there on the beach.

Survivors of World War II, well familiar with this situation — as they took the city, and how they lost again take …

* Monaco from hunger, place captured.

In this position, was once — and then Milan, seven times from hand to hand. The city was completely surrounded by Muslims. Despite such a long siege, the town survived and retained their independence. So it's hard to say how long the siege of Monaco. In the history of World War II there were many examples of a long siege of cities and at least long-term strength of their inhabitants. So, Sevastopol withstood all attacks of the Germans, stood surrounded by 250 days. Leningrad — 900 (in its environment).

Yes, this city has stood!

But at what cost? Killed almost all of its population.

* Captivity. Great carry in an iron cage.

Line again, this reminds us of the fate of the Pope, who fraudulently lured into captivity with his cardinals. He was then shot in the city of destructive wall.

But the Pope did not die — he was still alive, despite the fact that he had a broken spine. He suffered unbearable pain. So he asked his guard, that he has finished his. He was afraid to go back to a Muslim prisoner, where he was abused and tortured. The guard complied with his request, and that signed his own death warrant. So when he got to France and told of the death of the Pope, it immediately shot.

… Now 2009 — 2012 years. — The Third World War in full swing. The ground is covered with snow and hail. Around only death and destruction after volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, bombings … As the "Revelation of Daniel," these disasters will continue for three years and five months.

Then, thanks to the Pope, come very fragile peace.

Actually, if you count all the days and years of war and peace in the twentieth century in the world, we will see only a long thread of endless wars and repression:

— War of 1914 — 1918 years.;
— the Russian Revolution and the rise to power of Joseph Stalin (1918 — 1924);
— the coming to power in Germany, Adolf Hitler (1924 — 1933);
— collectivization and the reorganization of the USSR (1924 — 1933);
— Preparation for World War II (1933 — 1939 years.)
— The Second World War (1939 — 1945).

… As a result, we have a '31 continuous terrible events. The same thing will happen in the Third World War. The first phase of its completed. Antichrist is alive — he walks the earth, and wants revenge. He knows that he will be with Arabia and northern Europe in 2056 — 2082 years. So the continuation of wars and large disasters do not have to wait long.

This is evidenced by century 2, Quatrain 10:

— A little more — and everything will be organized;
— We expect a very sinister century;
— Many dressed in masks and those who are alone (the clergy), to change much,
— Few of those who agreed to be in their place.
— A little more — and everything will be organized.

It is about what we expect in the future.

Think of something good? Certainly not! And we'd better not be aware of this in advance to not heart ached.

After waiting ahead three global catastrophe of universal scale.
First — this is the third world war, which heralded the Fourth Angel.
The second — the continuation of the war — its peak after a small decline, organized the Fifth Angel.

Third — the continents split, causing a drop in the Earth "low-grade" meteorite. This is the seventh angel, as his "parish" (as we know) — split continents.

All this "procedure" has organized the Universal Mind. He has prepared in advance for translating it into "life." He has already led to the nuclear power reactor of the planet, as well as the launch of the MHD generator.

So ahead of us enormous changes of the external and internal appearance of the Earth. All men are false twentieth century and were looking forward to the twenty-first. What people are naive! They still believe in miracles, and believe that the future is always better than the past.

Listening to such talk, recall the well-known Wang Seer of Bulgaria, which by reporters what a bright future in store for us in the twenty — XXII century — high civilization, advanced technology, orbital cities — said: "I do not see any civilization, I do not see Technology — I see scattered settlements, huts, people in leather … "

If we believe Wang, and M. Nostradamus (and they are not to be trusted), the twenty-first century will claim another world almost all of the world's population will die at least three billion people.

* We expect a very sinister century.

Here and there is nothing to decipher. Of course, this century is very sinister. After killing almost the entire population of the planet. Many countries in general disappeared from the face of the earth, while others have completely changed their borders. So humans come forward to great grief.

* Lots of masked and those who are alone, not change much.

This expression only applies to only the Roman Catholic Church, which observes celibacy. She also lost. Together with Rome and the Vatican will die, and the whole South of France.

* Few of those who agreed to be in their place.

Sadness and fear gripped the people after they decipher M. Nostradamus quatrains.
Many currencies depreciate, including the dollar. Only now people will realize that they are on the edge of a deep precipice. M. Nostradamus betray anathema, and all his books burned.

"See the light" people much later — in the middle of the twenty-first century. During this time the Lord has prepared well Russia and all Slavic countries to big changes.

Centuria 5, Quatrain 96:

— In the center of the wide world — rose.
— Because of the new factors human blood spilled.
— Speak truth will have your mouth shut.
— Then, if necessary, will come later.
— In the center of the wide world — rose.

This text says that Russia will continue to be a special country — God's chosen.

* Because of the new factors of human blood spilled.

The second line refers to Italy. It heralds the death of Rome, and with it the entire peninsula of Italy. Modern physics modeled on computers to the situation and concluded that in order to quickly destroy a great country requires a very powerful punch — the fall of a meteorite or some — or an object with a diameter of at least 130 meters and a weight of a billion tons.

Similarly, the calculations will be made for the MHD generator and reactor planet.

So our physics in the coming years will give very accurate estimates of future disasters on Earth.

* Speak truth will mouth shut.

As always, in the world of science is not only true scientists — eminent. Many of them are small and envious. They, as well as policies strongly ridiculed projections of future changes in the world — the emergence of the critical points and anomalies within the earth and on its surface, as well as the global economic crisis on all continents of the world.

So everything is ready to start World War III. Accept it and start time specifies the century 6, Quatrain 6:

— Appears to the seven stars of the Little Dipper and the North Star
— Not far from Cancer, the bearded star:
— Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria
— Great Rome will die, when the night is gone.
— Appears to the seven stars.

Seven Angels of the Apocalypse.

Each linking their actions with a specific star.

The first — with the Tunguska meteorite (1908) and Halley (1910);
Second — with two atomic bombs dropped on two Japanese cities — Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945);
Third — with the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (1986);
Fourth — with atomic bombs exploded in southern Europe by Muslim armies.
And all these explosions initiated World War III.

As for the fifth, sixth and seventh angels, they believe these events are identical comet, volcanic eruptions, the eclipse of the sun.

The expression "will appear to the seven stars" interpreted by them as an explosion of the atomic bomb, a sudden flight of a comet, and other powerful earthquake disasters.

Halley's comet connected first, third and sixth angel of the Apocalypse — 1910 (World War I);

1986 (the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant);
2062 (split continents, separation of Africa from Eurasia).

As we see, in the first line Nostradamus quatrain describes the most important events of the twentieth century, who all the while under the care of the Fourth Angel.

Lyricist I.Piskunova

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