Anomaly in Kaliningrad: In late October, again apple blossom and clover

This picture blooming clover we did three days ago in our city.  Photo: Olga GoncharovaRepeat flowering plants there this fall in various parts of the continent.
In Kaliningrad, the second week is a real Pushkin autumn — clear and sunny. But instead of withering of nature, it is logical to see this time of year, we have the reverse pattern. Autumn is warm in late October turned out for flowering plants. On urban lawns in full yellow heads of dandelions, clover bloomed, flower and other flowers, among which is traditionally dominated by the wonderful chrysanthemums. And in the gardens and did spring.

— Heat — and here's the secondary flowering in apple, quince and forsythia. This early flowering shrubs with showy bright yellow flowers, densely covering the bare branches of the plant — the director of the Botanical Garden BFU Immanuel Kant Tatiana Yakovleva. — Forsythia blooms in the region in February-March. Of course, cases of sporadic flowering of trees,. And now they are blooming plants that bloom in early spring. Invite Kaliningradians for a walk, extraordinary beauty of foliage, bright colors of autumn, admire autumn fruits.

Unfortunately, according to experts, "Autumn Spring" we literally last a few days.

Interestingly, the anomaly with the re-flowering is observed not only with us. In September, suddenly blossomed in Kiev chestnuts (usually these trees bloom in May). The trees have not yet rid of old yellowed leaves, as immediately pleased passers white candles. Brest also recently bloomed dandelions. In the center of Blagoveshchensk blossomed and the first leaves the ovary on apple.

In the history of our region has been officially registered as fruit trees fruited twice. Only had it back in 1506 and the yard was standing very warm summers.

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