Anti-aircraft missile air defense missile systems Buk-M2E arrived in Venezuela

As has been reported, arrived April 5, 2013 in the Venezuelan port of Puerto Cabello cargo ship Saffet Bey from Russia were brought to the elements ordered by Venezuela under the agreement in 2009 two divisions 9K81ME anti-aircraft missile systems S-300VM "Antey-2500", including self-propelled launchers and 9A83M 9A84M for established for this system tracked chassis. Meanwhile, by post Resource, the same vessel Saffet Bey Venezuela had been delivered the first anti-aircraft missiles purchased by Venezuela 9M317E air missile systems of medium-range 9K317M2E "Buk-M2E." April 9, 2013 observed discharge in Puerto Cabello significant number of missiles 9M317E in shipping containers and transported by highway avtotransportrom presumably in Valencia. Shipping direct fire elements of air defense missile systems "Buk-M2E" in Venezuela is expected in the near future.


Transportation from Puerto Cabello in Venezuela delivered anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M317E 9K317M2E anti-aircraft missile system "Buk-M2E." On the last shot is well discernible markings on the containers of rockets. 09.04.2013 (s) Andis Silva / Notitarde (via

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