Anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Triumph

Found an interesting photo-report of the air defense units.
All the material, read here.

Some excerpts from it.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Defence, debunking the myth that the Russian army on every soldier hits the entrenching tool and the Mosin-thirds of 1891 showed the public concerned one part of the defense.

All funds of the "Triumph" are based on the latest scientific and technological achievements, with the use of forward-looking element base and advanced technologies. All the processes of combat work — finding, en-route support, distribution of targets between SAM and their capture, tracking and recognition, the choice of the type of missiles, preparing them for launch, launch, capture and guidance of missiles at targets, evaluation of the results of fire — automated. The command post of the "Triumph" can ensure the integration of air defense missile systems in the management structure of any air defense system. Each SAM provides fire up to 10 targets with guided them to 20 missiles

Having the opportunity today to talk with designers and representatives of the concern "Diamond", I found the lamps, a C-400 or semiconductors. It was found on the chips, down to the last resistor and bolts domestic. Some electronic mikrosoborki concern had to specially develop and order in our plants

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