Armor for helicopters

Armor for helicopters
«PT Himkompozit» presents its armor protection technology helicopters. Deputy General Director of «RT-Himkompozita» Valery Litvinov spoke at the round table «The use of composite materials in the rotary-wing aircraft engineering» in the international exhibition of the helicopter industry HeliRussia.
The company develops easy additional armor protection for new helicopters, and for warranty and after sales of cars, according to a press release from the holding, said the press service of «PT Himkopozit.»
«Today, every Russian helicopter design and components have made our holding company. We want to offer world-class products innovatorskuyu «- said Valery Litvinov.
«PT Himkompozit» conducts research to the creation of inclusive armor for different implementation based on a wide range of materials from special steels and ceramics to UHMW cellophane using proprietary software settlement complex.
Holding also has the technology to create clay armor plates and bronestekol. Holding is also engaged in the creation of structures and components for gliders helicopter blades bearing screws and control of polymeric composite materials as functional nanoscale coating of glazing helicopters.
HeliRussia — international exhibition of the helicopter industry, running from 16 to 18 May in Moscow. The only exhibition in Russia, where Russian and foreign firms are world merits the full range of products and services the helicopter industry — from design and manufacture to maintenance.
In April, «PT Himkompozit» and DSM Dyneema (a subsidiary of Royal DSM) signed a protocol on the development of a joint venture for the production of UD-sheets of UHMWPE fibers for armor.
Namely, the data elements are used in the manufacture of body armor, helmets, ts and helicopters. It is expected that production will be supplied not only to the domestic Russian market, and the market of the CIS states.
Dutch technology companies will be used to improve the performance of fiber-optic networks. Another area of ​​potential partnership will be the creation of goods greenish chemistry, including bioethanol and biogas.

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