ARMY WILL SEE FOR enemy aircraft 400 KM

New electronic intelligence station «Moscow-1» war turned into a computer game

Russian army was passive radar system, seeing 2.5 times more of the preceding generation. Defense Ministry has adopted electronic intelligence station and control «Moscow-1.» The system scans the airy space and finding curb radioelements enemy vehicles, transmits data acquired electronic warfare (EW), air defense and air force to neutralize targets. Unlike ordinary radar «Moscow-1» operates in passive radar — and captures the intrinsic emission targets for all this while remaining invisible to the enemy.

«Moscow-1» produces Concern «Radio-electronic technology» (KRET) — «daughter» company «Rosteh.» As told to «News» Head of Department of defense procurement KRET Vladimir Mikheev, this station can create passive radar radiation aircraft and cruise missiles for 400 km, to determine its type and severity.

— For example, a cruise missile flies, it emits signals at once 5-6: supports the radio with his Fri control scans the terrain radar altimeter, associated with satellite navigation systems, such as GPS, at the end portion includes target identification. And every such step of our station captures, decodes and outputs the information command, which takes a decision — to kill or allow to continue the flight, if the object is not dangerous — explained Mikheev.

He added that in the database, «Moscow-1» recorded a huge number of objects, including zabugornyh. This database is updated frequently based on data intelligence and divisions of the Ministry of Defense. If the detected object is not in the list, it is highlighted in a special way on the operator’s monitor.

— How does the information on the latest development of radar or intersect an unidentified object, our experts start working here. We obtain data on a brand-new weapons — in which the emission spectra it will work, it will look like its electric «kind» — And lay the information in the system — said Mikheyev.

Management process unique complex looks like a computer strategy. The air situation displayed on multiple monitors, each of which can specify different rendering modes. Operator on a special tablet provides funds and defeat shows goal to be hit. All other system makes itself.

Cost of the complex is not officially disclosed, as talks about his acquisition underway with the CIS countries, Asia, Africa and Latin America. According to «Izvestia», the system can cost anywhere from 300 million to 1 billion rubles depending on the configuration.

Military expert, creator of textbooks Electronics Valery Nikolayev told «Izvestia» that electronic intelligence station the previous generation — SRTR «depot» detects most of the goals at a distance of 120-150 km.

— Detection range is dependent on many criteria — target height, its type, etc. With the same criteria «Moscow-1» sees target is 2.5 times more than the «depot». This severe achievement — explained the expert.

According to Mikheyev, the bulk of devices, «Moscow-1» Russian production, but about 2% bought in Ukraine and Belarus. With all this all imported parts from other countries have been certified Russian military acceptance.

— This microwave diodes, transistors and integrated circuits. They are not critical to the operation of the station, and it is cheaper to buy than to make your own creation in Russia — explained Mikheev.

As said Nikolaev, implementation zabugornyh radio parts — compulsory measure from which over time is necessary to leave.

— We can not allow a repeat of the situation faced by Yugoslavia. German anti-aircraft complexes Roland, who purchased the Yugoslavs during NATO operations in this country simply did not work — they knocked out remotely using «bookmarks» in electrical equipment. We, of course, buy electronics in countries that are not our enemy capabilities, but still import substitution — an important task — explained Nikolaev.

He stressed that the electric station reconnaissance and control EW relevant criteria needed army digital wars, when the update rate significantly exceeds the ability of the person.

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