Arthur Tsurbakov popularized in Estonia Vladimir Karatkevich

Today in Estonia, will speak about the legacy of the outstanding Belarusian writer Vladimir Karatkevich. In Tallinn, the presentation of the book by Vladimir Karatkevich "The Wild Hunt of King Stach." Edition in English, Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian languages, almost 800 pages, was released last year for the anniversary of the author.

Celebration in Tallinn National Library arrange Belarusian Embassy in Estonia, the Ministry of Culture of Belarus and local Belarusians. Concert produced Tallinn creative group'' Destiny ", and the exhibition and the story about the writer — the author of the Belarusian programs in Estonian Radio 4, organizer and teacher in a public library and a Sunday school named after Vladimir Karatkevich in Tallinn Arthur Tsurbakov:

"I will mention the manuscript of Vladimir Karatkevich, who disappeared when he was robbed. Vladimir Karatkevich left us with a puzzle — a missing manuscript preserved in secret funds somewhere in Minsk or Moscow, or under force us to return the unfinished part of the" spikes under your sickle " ? I'm very interested this issue, this is what our school is also involved. "

"The Wild Hunt of King Stach" translated, among others, the Estonian language was published in 1983. New edition in Estonian in the anniversary year has not appeared. Nevertheless Belarusians Estonia seek wider introduce his country with a legacy of Vladimir Karatkevich.

In the capital of Estonia in the past year was established a public library named after Vladimir Karatkevich in the anniversary year at the Belarusian Sunday school. Tallinn Sunday school named after Vladimir Karatkevich padryhtyvala to the presentation of the book exhibition of products of their students.

Arthur Tsurbakov says: "Our school is trying to do, and something more important, not only to go to class. We are preparing a theatrical performance, Batleika. At the exhibition we will show the dolls that have already made the play of Vladimir Karatkevich Swans' skit," and part of the scenery " .

Arthur Tsurbakov said that the act would be, perhaps, in Estonian, "We're going to drive around with our performance possible more parishes various Christian denominations. Not only for Belarus, but for everyone in the Estonian society. It's part of our Belarusian culture, and we have much to be proud of. "

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