Astapenyu — 10 days in jail for solidarity, Shiloh — 13


Gregory Astapenya

Astapenyu Gregory, who was detained on March 22, along with Ivan Shyla for the banner in support of Zmitrara Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau, sentenced to confinement for 10 days.

Its administrative judge of the court has considered the case of Moscow district of Minsk Tatiana Motyl.

Ivan Shyla was sentenced to confinement for 13 days. His case was considered by Judge Eugene Khatkevich., The human rights website "spring."

Ivan Shyla

On March 22 the action involved about 10 people. They lined up under the windows of the Moscow district court with a banner "Hands Off" Young Front! "Participants of the action stood for several minutes, after which two of them were arrested.

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