At first, Afghanistan, now Libya. Can NATO forces to win at least one of his war? (, UK)

First, Afghanistan, and now Libya.  Can NATO forces to win at least one of his war?  (, UK)The armed forces of the most powerful alliance in the world — NATO, has twice failed to win the war. South American, British, French and other foreign troops prepare to leave the fight in Afghanistan — the first war where NATO deployed ground forces, and at the moment the United States, Britain and France seem to have reached a point when ready to hand over the battle for Libya, saying that Gaddafi can stay in the country if the will power.

From the time of Iraq's US-led wars in which participates "coalition of the willing", the number of these very willing to go down evenly. Now, after Afghanistan and Libya, the number of applicants will be even less.

Countries NATO izderzhali billion — Britain izderzhala more than 14 trillion pounds, yet was defeated in the fight against the insurgency in Afghanistan.

"You can not impose democracy from a height of 5 kilometers," read David Cameron a few weeks before enthusiastically join Sarkozy of trying to do exactly that. Ironically that dissuaded him from doing so nor anyone else, as the minister of defense. Then the head of the Navy, Sir Mark Stanhope, also the head of the royal air force Stephen Dalton realized that for them it may be a suitable opportunity to show that their agencies can be used for different purposes — to launch missiles from submarines fregatnyh shoot from guns (which is a very rare opportunity ) or to deliver humanitarian aid. The royal air force for the first time was provided opportunity storm targets on the ground, instead of practicing in aerial battles with the flimsy Russian fighters. A military companies were given opportunity to show how clever is their weapon.

Moreover, it was a return stroke Liam Fox for his consent to the deepest budget cuts last year on the strategic defensive. So give makarom military realize that it would be more sensible not to send to the landfill Navy ships and Harrier fighter jets.

What course should weaken the army. Although Apache helicopters (attack ground targets in Libya) and belong to the army, ground forces played no part in the conflict. Afghanistan still holds the deepest cuts in the military, although the Chief of the General Staff of the Wall Piter let slip that they are prepared to reduce the intensity.

What is the role of the army, navy and air force will be in the future, after Libya, has now become even more difficult to answer. They are hardly able to rely on America as it was in the past, which from the beginning has given to understand that he would not bombard Libya, and resisted all attempts to persuade her to Britain.

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