At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean discovered a sunken continent


Japanese scientists have found the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the remains of a sunken continent. The discovery made bathyscaphe "Shinkai-6500", which is found at a depth of 910 meters, a thousand kilometers from Rio de Janeiro array of granite, formed only on land. Also found placer quartz sand, also formed in the sea.

According to Japanese scientists, they found the remains of a continent that sank into the ocean a few tens of millions of years ago. It arose as Africa and South America separated about 100 million years ago.

Of course, immediately reminded of the famous legend about the destruction of Atlantis, was allegedly once in the modern Atlantic Ocean and departed to the bottom as a result of the earthquake. However, as the researchers reported, they have not noticed anything that would resemble the traces of a vanished civilization.

Eugene Dubinin, Ph.D. in geology:

The fact that Japanese scientists have found, it is difficult to name the continent. If the area under the ocean water really existed continent large area, it would be found for a long time, for example, geophysical data that are actively maintained substantially at all points of the oceans. Most likely, the Japanese found microcontinent rather microblock continental crust. The size of such structures are usually tens of kilometers. As a rule, they are not far from the offshore zones. It is this and is located in the southern region of Brazil, where the search conducted by Japanese scientists.

At the time, microcontinents were found in the Indian Ocean near Antarctica, near the South Africa is located underwater plateau Agures, in the North Atlantic known plateau Yanmayen. A lot microcontinents openly in the ocean near Australia. If I could have found microcontinent, say, in the mid-Atlantic ridge, then this could be the reason for sensation. And when they are found near the continental margins — this is a common phenomenon.

As for Microcontinent discovered by Japanese scientists, it emerged at a single continent split from Africa and South America, where the rift crack broke the crust and constantly crooked, like running down the glass crack. At that split off huge microblocks who plunged into the water and began microcontinents. I think that science will find in the ocean has a lot of similar entities.

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