Because of rain Zhitomir quickly went under water

Because of rain Zhitomir quickly went under water

During yesterday's heavy rain several central streets Zhitomir turned into canals and rivers. Move through them has become a problem for both pedestrian and driver.

Some people jumped through huge puddles, others went ahead, and others tried to get around. Motorists at your own risk "floated" on the streets.

Traditional place where storm sewer can not handle the flow of rain water — it Crossroad Shchorsa — Kotovsky. Yesterday, there was also a damn. However, according to the locals — "seen worse."

Nearby, a few hundred meters, near the children's dental clinic at pl.Peremoghy also works like — from passing cars spray flew in all directions, and the waves go from one sidewalk to the other.

But the most powerful flood occurred on the street Schasnogo.

If at first street you could still try to somehow cross the road, in the area of the church covenant I.Hrista these attempts were not.

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