Began large-scale production of attack helicopters Guardian

Began large-scale production of attack helicopters Guardian
U.S. Department of Defense issued a South American Boeing aircraft manufacturing concern permit full-scale development of new attack helicopters AH-64E Guardian, reports Flightglobal. In addition, the military entered into a contract with the concern for the creation of 10 new AH-64E and upgrade 72 existing AH-64D to version E. The deal amounted to 1.16 billion dollars.

All work under the contract will be performed at the Boeing plant in Mesa, Arizona and will end by June 2016. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense announced the project of the military budget for 2015 monetary year, which provides for the purchase of 26 new attack helicopters AH-64E for 600 million dollars. In general, the purchase of new weapons and military equipment the Pentagon wants had spent 153.9 billion dollars.

Guardian Small-scale creation was made in April 2011, and the first such type of South American helicopter military received in November. Until October 2012 the index had improved Apache AH-64D Block III, but due to the significant configurations made to the airframe, the command of the U.S. Army saw fit to change its designation to the AH-64E.

The new helicopter blade propellers received from composite materials, the latest flight control system with redundant communication channels and equipment for operations at night. In addition, the helicopter also had the opportunity to manage multiple unmanned aerial vehicles and exchange data with them. AH-64E is capable of speeds up to 300 km per hour and do fly a distance of up to 2-thousand kilometers.

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