Behind the scenes of military aviation

Write this note, and make the appropriate video made me acutely aware of injustice.

  • Military airfield
  • Military airfield

Already formed the opinion that the aircraft, including the military — it's a handsome plane, fellow pilot, beautiful ups, spectacular launch of missiles and bombing and aerobatics.

However, for the staff always sometimes hard work of engineering and technical personnel to cooking aircraft sorties.

To plane off on a combat mission needs work dozen experts on Aircraft systems on engines, for sighting and navigation systems, avionics and combat finally on vooruzhniyu. Before each flight a mandatory pre-flight duration from a couple of hours and more, check all systems, suspension of TSA, filling liquids and gases, the plane lands, the pilot flying to disassemble taken away and re-stuck to aircraft technicians preparing for the next vyoletu and so the whole flight change, day and night, in rain, frost and snow in the true open-air — and all this work behind the scenes.

Presented video is intended to shed light on how specialists work on aircraft armament.

Opinions, comments and questions is welcomed …

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