Belarus has again become cold

After a brief warming that has been observed in the past few days in Belarus, the arrival of spring, once again slow down, told a videobrifinge chief of the National Weather Service Hydrometeorological Forecasts Dmitry Ryabov, BelTA has learned.

The territory of Belarus is expected to shift from the north to the south of a cold atmospheric front. Much rain it will not bring on the snow cover is not affected, but the south wind changes to the north, and the warm air will gradually go to Ukraine. The temperature of the forthcoming night will range from zero to plus 6 degrees. The maximum temperature during the day will be 2.8 degrees, the Brest and Gomel regions — plus 9-13 degrees.

In the days of the Scandinavian Peninsula, will gain in strength cool anticyclone, which is amplified and expanded in size, begins to shift to the north of European Russia. Gradually, his influence will affect the weather in Belarus. Since Wednesday is expected to fall air temperature at night to freeze to zero or minus 7 degrees, the north in clarifying to minus 10.8 degrees. Day temperatures will be between minus 2 to plus 5 degrees. In eastern places predicted showers in the form of rain and sleet. At night and in the morning in some areas roads icy.

On Thursday and Friday will be mostly rainless. At night and in the morning in some areas remain icy roads. At night the temperature dropped to 2.9 degrees Celsius in some places down to minus 10-15 degrees. Day is expected from minus 2 to plus 5 degrees.

In the coming weekend in many areas of the country under the protection of the anticyclone precipitation also is expected only in the extreme south-western districts of the Brest region under the influence of sedentary atmospheric front in Western Europe may be in the form of showers of sleet and rain.

At night and in the morning in some areas roads icy. The temperature at night was minus 10.3 degrees, sometimes up to 11-15 degrees. Day forecast from zero to 7 degrees Celsius in some places along the south-west to plus 10 degrees. This temperature will be mainly on 1-3 degrees below normal for these days of March, said the expert. In general, most of the territory of Belarus temperature will be positive only in the extreme north, it is projected slabootritsatelnoy

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