Belaruskali is not 30, and $ 600 billion

The Head of State Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting on the development of "Belaruskali". He said that no one is negotiating the sale of this business, which costs $ 30 billion. Meanwhile, the Belarusian side will get trade credit for one billion dollars of "Uralkali".

Alexander Lukashenko znyapravdiv information that he had already sold the "Belaruskali". He said that no one was negotiating the sale of the company, including a Russian businessman Suleiman Kerimov:

"As for the" Belaruskali "I said clearly — 30 billion on the table. On July 1, this amount will be indexed for inflation the dollar. Price already "Belaruskali" can make 30 billion $ 10 million. If you have this amount — tomorrow you are the owners of this plant. If you have no such amount, do not come and did not lead the negotiations. No one owes for a pittance or free of any one company, not just "Belaruskali" will not give up. 30 billion, while that price I did not cancel. "

As for the "Belaruskali", I said clearly — 30 billion on the table.

However, this morning the representatives of "Nafta Moscow", which is owned by Suleiman Kerimov, unofficially confirmed the willingness to buy a controlling stake in "Belaruskali" for $ 15 billion. Managing Director of "Nafta Moskva" Anton Averin told the "Freedom":

"I can unofficially confirm that there is interest. In some publications, write that this purchase will take place in the name of "Vralkaliyu" that "Vralkaly" will perform the buyer. This is not true. It will be a structure associated with the "Nafta Moscow". If something happens, the buyer will perform "Nafta Moscow". I can unofficially confirm reports that mention controlling and applied it to the assessment of $ 15 billion. "

Later, however, comment on the statements Lukashenko representative of "Nafta Moscow" has declined. About the cost and possibility of selling "Belaruskali" economist Michael Zaleski said:

"Belaruskali" is not 30, and $ 600 billion. It salt for another 200 years. Well, it's like the goose that lays the golden eggs, cut. What are selling? Such things no one nobody ever sells. Laughter is. They are willing to sell air to suffocate all here. Just to sit in their chairs. All proceeds from the salt trade will receive the one who bought this unfortunate "Belaruskali".

They are willing to sell air to suffocate all here.

Before the end of the century. Children, our grandchildren will get it from the "Belaruskali"? Figo with poppy seeds. Here sellers — 30000000000, 50000000000! Assessment he has made. Appraiser ".

Meanwhile Official Minsk asked the loan of "Uralkali" one billion dollars. The Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok notes that the loan will not be profitable "Belaruskali":

"This means that the" Belaruskali "has a certain amount of their products to sell at a fixed price for nearly a year to make up for the loan. This trade credit under the sale. This loan is definitely impairs the economic development of the first "Belaruskaliy." It does not receive money for the further development of the program. But today, demand and prices rose slightly. And so the "Belaruskali" is working with the super-profits. And the profit they seek to take away the "Belaruskali" in this way. No one has abolished the fee. For the Belarusian government, it is probably beneficial. It's not a given condition, for example, to go to a single rate of the Belarusian ruble or control inflation. The government and went so far as to get a loan without conditions. "


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