Blizzard and cooling to minus 16 degrees are expected Friday in Tomsk

 Snow blizzard and cooling to minus 16 degrees are expected in Tomsk on Friday, according to the website of Tomsk weather center.

On Monday the Tomsk hydrometeorological declared a storm warning in view of the fact that from 26 to 28 February in the Tomsk region were expected snow, blizzards, wind gusts up to 17-22 meters per second. On Thursday, forecasters extended storm preduprezhdeniedo Saturday.
Thermometer on Thursday afternoon in Tomsk fell to minus 4 degrees.

"In Tomsk (Friday) is expected temperature of minus 9.7 degrees, with cooling to minus 14-16 degrees. As of the thermometer shows from zero to minus 5 degrees to the west of the region the temperature drops to minus 17-22 degrees," — said.

According to forecasters, and in Tomsk region in Friday the snow, blizzards, and northwestern wind of 9-14 meters per second, sometimes gusts of up to 19-24 meters per second. On the roads of snow drifts.

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