Bookmark symbolic stone construction began a dairy farm in the Samara region

On 29 April, the governor of the Samara region, Nikolai Merkushin attended the laying of the "symbolic" stone construction began a dairy farm in. Bogdanivka Kinelsky district. Investor of the project of the Criminal Code "Electroshield Samara." 

General Director of "Samara" Electroshield — Construction Industry "Viktor Titov raskazal head of the region that is ready to pre-breeding complex construction project for a thousand head of dairy cattle, which organizes the entire production cycle — from fodder to processing. Build the farm will be in three stages: first there will be two barn and maternity ward, then building for the young, calf shed, and then later Biological Station and dairy and meat processing.

Nicholas Merkushin said, what is the cost of the project. It was found that the total volume of investments — 747 million rubles., Of which 434 million will spend the first and second turns. Premises themselves barns will be ready by January 2014, remains an open question how to import cattle. Now considering options for the purchase of cows in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Investors want to achieve output of 20 tons of milk per day and processing tonnes of beef per day. Nicholas Merkoushkin and told about the technology purchased by the technique shown. It turned out that as consultants involved in the project and experts Agricultural Academy, located in Kinel.

The governor of interest in the details: what technology will be used, what kind of food are going to use. The answers surprised the head of the region. "Here is a good project, it is clear that you worked on it. But many technologies that you say are outdated. Western countries, and advanced regions in Russia have gone ahead," — said Merkushin.

For example, the head of the region paid special attention to the topic of the cows. "We have a very high level waste cows, culling, and it's not about that productivity falls: Basically, this is due to injury. If a cow" is "only two or three years, and then replacing it does not have time to grow up, have to buy them, this is the most serious item of expenditure ", — said Merkushin. Speaking of best practices for cattle: replacing concrete flooring on rubber, the organization mode of the day, comfort for the animals, replacement of silage dry foods.

When we are talking about the use of new equipment, the governor noted the incompetence of experts from Agricultural Academy. "It's no good! Your institute far behind, and in fact had the whole country was equal to it. So what you're saying is out of date. For example, the simultaneous introduction of fertilizers and seeds in the soil for a long time gone. Things you do not know, which are widely used in our country and abroad. This suggests that in the last 10-15 years we have tried to engage seriously in agriculture, "- he said.

Nicholas Merkushin proposed to complete the project based on the experience of advanced foreign technologies and regions. "This complex is right to do the most modern," — said the governor.

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