Bookmark the capsule in the foundation of the construction section of RIRV Concern PVO Almaz — Antey

7 March 2013 in the framework of the project of construction of the North-Western Regional Centre (SZRTS) Concern PVO "Almaz? Antey "in the Obukhov factory (St. Petersburg) the solemn laying of the capsule in the foundation of the building of JSC" Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time. "

The complex of buildings of "RIRV" total area of 25.1 thousand square meters. m will consist of the production and administration of the laboratory.

The complexity of the project lies in the fact that, in the case it will be necessary to create a series of rooms with spetstrebovaniyami based on the specifics of the institute, and landscape areas, which will house the body RIRV has serious elevation changes.

However, all of the nuances were taken into account at the design stage, and in February, work began on the site on the pile-driving.

The estimated cost of the building complex of buildings of "RIRV" (except for land improvement and design and survey works)? 1.552 billion rubles. During the design process of the body responds GPNI-5, the general contractor is "Ekostroy", part of a group of companies "Titan-2".

Filing section of "RIRV" scheduled for May of next year, and within half a year is planned to move the enterprise.

SZRTS construction started in March 2010, the project involves the construction on the basis of "GOZ Obukhov plant" design research and production complex with total area of 282 thousand square meters. m for the development and production of high-tech products for special purposes, as well as civilian production. The project cost is estimated at 19.6 billion rubles. In the new production from the center of St. Petersburg translated five companies belonging to the Concern PVO "Almaz? Antaeus. "

In September 2012, opened an office and warehouse building — the first handed over to the second phase of construction SZRTS. The final relocation of "ZRTO" is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2014 translation of "LACA" is scheduled for the second half of 2014, JSC "RIRV" will move in late 2014 — early 2015., And of "VNIIRA" — in late 2015 g

The construction project SZRTS based Obukhov factory corresponds to the program output of industrial enterprises of the city center, which is implemented by the Government of St. Petersburg. Transfer of industrial enterprises will release more than 40 hectares, including in the historic center of the city.

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