Boris Khamaida continue to write dictation in the area

Vitebsk opposition has decided to celebrate Freedom Day spelling dictation near so-called "Blue House" — house number 28, Lenin Street, where it distributes the independent press. Mr. Khamayda prevented the police: they do not like white-red-White Flag, which raised the activist.

Boris Khamaida said that he would continue to write dictation in the site — it will rewrite the book. Joining him in the railway police station willingly went Antonina Pivonos, Ukrainian by nationality, which is a sign of solidarity with the Belarusian opposition leaders wrote to his dictation mother tongue, translating the "Letter from the gallows" Kalinouski to Ukrainian.

Khamaida said that the text he had written a personal letter along with going forward in the KGB jail inmate countryman, Paul Seviarynets policy. And once, I am sure the opposition, this can be a dictation exhibit at the Museum of the Belarusian resistance that will be created in independent Belarus.

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