Buddha statue was of cosmic origin

The thousand Buddhist statue, discovered by the Nazis, was of cosmic origin (PHOTOS)

Modern scientists rediscovered the statue, found in 1938: a small figurine of a Buddhist god guardian, discovered the Nazi expedition was carved from fragments of a meteorite that fell to Earth 15,000 years ago, somewhere in Siberia and Mongolia. The Germans were not aware of the value they found the exhibit — it was enough that the clothing was decorated with Buddhist god swastika.

The history of the statue of the god Vaishravana more like a science fiction movie plot, or Indiana Jones, says BBC. Modern researchers from Austria and Germany suggest that the statue was created in XI century in Tibet. The figure of the god 24 centimeters in height and weighing about 10 kilograms was originally gilded, and its creators had no idea how to deal with rare material.

"Less than 0.1% of all meteorites and less than 1% of the iron meteorites are ataxites, so this is a rare type of meteorite, which is only to be found", — told her about the material from which made the image Vaishravana, an employee of the University of Stuttgart Elmar Buchner.

The value of the figures found no idea and Nazi scientists who discovered the statue during an expedition to Tibet. In the east, the Germans were looking for evidence that the Aryan race originated from this region, says The Guardian. So figure Vaishravana swastika was a great find, although the Tibetan symbol, put into service by the Nazis in the 20th century, was considered a sign of good luck in ancient times.

After discovering the statue was kept in a private collection in Germany, and up until about 2007 there was nothing known. But then the owner offered to examine the figure, nicknamed Iron Man, reports Fox News.

The results were staggering, and scientists do not undertake to give even an approximate value of the statuette. "Iron Man — the only image of a man, carved out of a meteorite, so we just have nothing to compare it to determine the value," — said Buchner. And there are many knives and jewelry made of similar materials.

Vaishravana Buddhist god — the god of wealth and war, which is often depicted with a lemon (a symbol of wealth) or a bag of money in his hand. Iron Man also holds in the palm of a certain subject, reminiscent of lemon.


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