Car trip to Turkey and holidays in Croatia

Travel to Turkey by car gives you more options. You can make a trip to his car, and still you have the opportunity to rent a car in Turkey (fly and drive). Either way, you can decide to plan your trip to see the sights of the country are inaccessible to other travelers, and calculate the budget, knowing what the price of tours to Turkey by car. Travel by car, with indisputable advantages, requires very careful preparation. Most travel companies currently provide services and car tours. If an agency with extensive experience in the organization of travel by car, you will be planning a trip to Russia, you will get a detailed route, detailed maps and tips, where it will be better to stay and what to visit. Besides, the company will design the necessary documents — insurance, visas, booking hotel rooms.

For travel by car you will need a passport, health insurance, visa and insurance for the car. Still remember driving license and registration certificate of European standard. A fact confirmed by the DPP insurance "green card" is made out of some insurance companies in Russia. Internacional driving license confirms the right to drive a car in two hundred countries around the world and can play the role of identity. Croatia — a unique place on earth, with a harmonious combination of favorable climatic and environmental conditions of the Alps, the Pannonian and Mediterranean. The country is located on the west side of the Balkan Peninsula. Almost at all times in the country come travelers from all over the world for treatment and rest.

The country is widely known for its unique architecture of ancient cities, majestic castles and huge areas, old temples and churches. Kind of tradition, also has a unique history of beautiful Croatia. Beautiful Croatia — this is a rare country where a small area has colorful, nature reserves and parks, health resort with mineral springs, luxury ski and beach resorts, a place with wonderful reminders of antiquity. Many people today are willing to buy a tour to this country, where the cost of interesting excursions, meals and accommodation is quite acceptable and included turputevku.

Ranking proposals for tours to Croatia operators will appreciate the domestic service market history buffs and ancient culture, opening in this country a lot of new for yourself.

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