CCP-BPF: Today prepare the future of the country

Kiravintstva Conservative Christian Party BPF adopted an appeal to the nation on the occasion of the Day of Freedom, in which it called on to join the movement, "Elections without Lukashenko."

Noting that 93 years ago, "our ancestors declared the independence of the Belarusian National Republic, opened the way to the Belarusian people to nation-building and national reconstruction" and the "historical conditions, the collapse of the Soviet Union the Belarusian people, having a fight in front of his avant-garde — the Belarusian Popular Front, regained independence the country's Aug. 25, 1991, "the CCP BPF points out that" the enemies of the Belarusian people did not want the prosperity of Belarus. They managed to establish a our country anti-Belarusian dictatorial regime. Hostile to the Belarusians nature of this regime is well known. Recent events in the country, which were zvyazanyyya with another presidential campaign showed the regime no minimum moral standards and decency, respect for the law. Applying brute force against peaceful civilians, he spends cynical councils over the broken and humiliated people, exposing them against the absurd and humiliating accusations. "

In the appeal, the Conservative Christian Party BPF under false pretenses denied holding celebrations on the streets of Minsk.

"We believe that under these conditions have the right to Belarusians call to participate in the massive street activities expose people under the repression of weapons occupiers. We know the day will come when a free Belarus Belarusian voice sounds freely and on holidays and on weekdays in the squares and streets of our cities and villages. Let us unite in the struggle, gather strength and national work zoom this day … Really urge for a holiday note this day, congratulate your relatives and friends, to lay flowers at the monuments to prominent Russian people, to convey their holiday spirit to others … Urge to connect to the "Movement for a new election without Lukashenko" create cell movement, and to prepare the future of the country "- said outstanding leadership of the CCP-BPF on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the Belarusian People's Republic.

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