Celebrated its 5th anniversary Square dispersal-2006

Exactly five years ago, and the third hour of the morning March 24, 2006, the assault took place on the tent camp on October Square in Minsk. Tents on October Square appeared on March 20, the day after the presidential election, in disagreement with their results. The protest lasted for four days, until the authorities forcibly dismantled camp.

460 people who were in the camp were detained, many severely beaten. There were people from all over the country, protesting not only the youth. One of the social activist, 52-year-old Valentine Palevikova, All four days were in the camp. Adult woman arrested on the night of the defeat and was sentenced to 15 days in jail.

young people who came then the area, tempered

That's what Valentine said the results Palevikova area -2006: "First of all, the young people who came to the area then, tempered. If it were not for the area probably would not have such patriots as Dashkevich, Anastasia Palazhanka, brothers Shiloh — Ilya and Ivan, and many — many others. This is the future of Belarus, and they all came out of that area. I think everyone who was there, who struggled, here was this spirit of freedom. Hopefully, this is all to the good will result. And like it to happen faster. "

Yuri Oleynik, who was then 20 years old, was arrested on the area as early as the first night of the existence of the campground with his brother Vitali, who was then studying in Moscow. Brother then planted for 10 days. After the events of December 19, 2010 Yuri Oleynik was forced to leave the country. Here's how it evaluates event space in 2006: "Even now, after 5 years after events in the Belarusian society has such a definite division among the people who are involved in the social, political activities as an indicator of this is: "Were you in the square in 2006?" If you have not — it's not

our opposition, Democratic leaders failed to take advantage of this area

means nothing. Well, when I was in the square, which means that a real man, he was really hurt, and he is willing to do anything to achieve their goals. The only big negative — what happened after. Unfortunately, our opposition, Democratic leaders failed to take advantage of this area. "

Then-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin on the second day of the existence of the tent city called on the people to disperse and go to the protest on March 25. People do not listen. Sam Alexander Kozulin was indicted on two criminal charges, and spent more than two years behind bars: "I always proceed from the assumption that if something happens for the first time, this is the event. And then really campground was the first time, was first organized protest, resistance, disobedience to authorities. Well, and all the rest — is history,

was first organized protest, resistance, disobedience to authorities

even though we did the right conclusions from this story or not … "

Essayist, editor-in-chief of "Nasha Niva" Andrew Dynko was arrested as he left the bus at the stop near the square. He was accused of using foul language and planted for 10 days. Andrew says: "I do not regret a single minute of those 10 days and I do not regret — they gave me a lot for my understanding of the world, for the experience. They needed — like those steps by which our society, we all go up to our Belarusian house. I remember those good days — it had to be. When I hear those who sat with me in a cell, take this opportunity to convey to them my greetings, best wishes. "


Area-2006 camp 5 years

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