China named the main problem in relations with Russia

China named the main problem in relations with Russia
Making RF and China are at unprecedentedly highest level this year, the parties will continue efforts to strengthen the comprehensive strategic cooperation, said on Saturday the PRC foreign minister Wang Yi
«Speaking about the development of relations between China and Russia this year, I think that they should be the main content of the forthcoming maintaining the highest level of Sino-Russian comprehensive strategic partnership, steady strengthening mutual political trust, deepen strategic cooperation», — said the head of the Foreign Ministry, Speaking at a press conference in Beijing held in the framework of the second session of the National People’s Congress (NPC, the supreme legislative body of the country) 12th convocation.
Wang said about 3 important task that lay ahead of Russia and China in 2014 for the upcoming strengthen their relationship. «In 1-x, you need to make every effort to transfer to a new level of business cooperation, especially need to achieve new breakthroughs in promoting large-scale cooperation projects», — said the minister.
As another fundamental puzzles Wang singled out «the successful implementation of activities of the Year of friendly youth exchanges, strengthening and deepening the social base of the Sino-Russian relations.»
Another important task of Sino-Russian relations this year the head of the Foreign Ministry described as «the outcome of the joint protection of the victory in the second world war and post-war international order», as the company events to celebrate in 2015 the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism.
Wang said that the current Russian-Chinese affairs «are in fact the best in the history of step», contribute to their development, «the highest degree of trust, mutual support tough, steady deepening cooperation in various fields, the strong friendship between the leaders of the 2- States «.

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