CJSC TVSZ launched mass production of cars with high-capacity

Tikhvin Railway Car Building Plant (Leningrad region) has launched mass production of universal gondola cars equipped with bogie Barber with increased axle load of 25 ton. The aggregate benefit from the exploitation of innovative car over its lifetime will amount to 8.3 million. Before the end of the year TVSZ plans to release a 2000 wagon with increased capacity.

Universal unloading wagon with hatches model 12-9853 is characterized by increased economic returns through increased to 75 tons lifting capacity, that the transport of coal on a typical route section Erunakovo (Kemerovo region) — the port of Nakhodka (Primorsky Krai) provides additional benefits from the exploitation of more than 220 rub. per day for the car compared to the open-top cars in the typical trolley 18-100. 

In addition, in accordance with the order number 61-t / 1 of the Federal Tariff Service owner innovative gondola production TVSZ can count on the tariff discount on empty runs of up to 26.5%, which allows you to get additional savings on the same route at a rate of more than 270 rub. night.

Additional profit from mass exploitation of rolling stock on trucks Barber reduces the cost of repairs in the amount of 1.3 million rubles for the car throughout its life cycle.

The aggregate benefit from the operation of the universal gondola car model 12-9853 Barber on trucks with 25 ton axle load will be 710 rubles per day, which increased to over 32 years of the life of the car will benefit up to 8.3 million rubles per unit of rolling over with open-top cars in the typical trolley 18-100.

The first batch of open wagons with unloading hatches model 12-9853 has passed more than 110 thousand kilometers during the operation supervised by JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company", confirming the calculated values of the carrying capacity and planned to wear the chassis elements. On the basis of 11 car repair depot of "WRC-2" set up service centers for the storage of spare parts and service carts Barber.

"The mass exploitation of innovative freight cars eventually will benefit the economy as a whole: it will reduce the costs of participants of the transportation process and to increase the competitiveness of industrial enterprises", — says Dmitry Bovykin, Executive Director of "United Carriage Company" — the management company ZAO "TVSZ" .


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